By Annoymous - 03/09/2009 10:19 - Australia

Today, walking home from work, I saw a little boy crying, so I crouched down to his eye level. I asked him what was wrong, his reply was to kick me in the groin. FML
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Can you blame him? His parents probably taught him well not to talk to strangers, and here you get all up in his face. If I was him, I would've freaked out and kicked you, too. It's a shame that we have to warn our kids about things like this, but that's just how it is

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kids aren't always sweet peaches.. FYL


Perfectly good example of why one should never do a good deed. Always bite you in the ass or in this case kicks you in the nuts. Should have told him that mommy and daddy don't love each other and it's his fault. Then go on to tell him how santa claus and the easter bunny don't exist and he was lied to because his parents hate him. Maybe drag him to a back alley and go all priesty up in his bum. Should teach him a lesson. OH, one more thing, kick his balls in so hard they wont be back out for a few years. And maybe beat his face in a bit.

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are you kidding? that's a smart kid. his parents told him not to talk to strangers, and that boy definitely carried that out. i don't really know what the right thing to do in this situation would have been

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that sucks for u but u prolly freaked the kid out. If a woman had done that he might have talked to her, for some reason children are generally more comfortable with women, men are mostly viewed as the bad guys. fyl

I don't understand the down votes here.

Not creepy at all for a dude to crouch down and talk to a strange kid who's crying... No not at all...

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kids aren't always sweet peaches.. FYL

What's creepy about a guy wanting to make sure that a child is alright? It doesn't matter that it's a dude, I think it's nice. There's nothing wrong with being a nurturing individual, grow up.

@13 There's nothing wrong with being nurturing to your own kids or kids under your guidance. Other kids, strange ones at that, are best left alone unless explicitly asking for help or in obvious need of assistance. Kids cry all the time, there's no need for you to butt into it. Then there is the creepy factor of some stranger two to three times your size kneeling down to you and asking what's wrong. Good as the intention may be, that's one hell of a creepy scenario for a kid to be in, you're bigger, you're stronger, and you're invading his personal space when he's vulnerable, not a good combo at all.

"Thou shalt not think that any male over the age of 30 that plays with a child that is not their own is a paedophile... Some people are just nice."

My god, uptight much? Yes, being friendly to an upset child TOTALLY makes him look like a pedophile. Even looking at a child makes a man look like a pedophile. In fact, men should probably live in separate neighborhoods so children won't accidentally cross paths with them. EVERYBODY PANIC!!

A blumpkin in exchange for getting to kick someone in the balls? Hmm. If I were really angry and feared that I might hurt someone innocent otherwise, that would be worth it. I'd just put a clothespin on my nose first.

you sir are a dipshit. whats wrong with a guy stoppin to help out a little kid whos in trouble or somethin? its not like every guy in this world is a child molester or something. your a ******* idiot.

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At least you made him feel better. :)

Idiot... @ the FML: YDI for even doing such a thing. You should be happy for him, at least his parents raised him well.

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well maybe you just look like a creeper...

srry :( this is a great example of nice guys finish last

Dynoblaze 1

ungrateful brat. in cases like that it should be legal to give one wack to a kid. Tell him his mom takes it in the ass. That should make him even more sad.

The little kid was defending hisself,how did he the guy wasn't a kidnapper or pedophile