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  RinkuTheHero  |  13

People have been known to get into a lot of shit over ghe things they post on facebook. If he's under 18 then his family should check his facebook for things he's not supposed to do and tell him that shit doesn't fly.


#53, it's not just that he was blocked, it's the fact that his brother asked him to show him how to block people, only to find out that he's the one his brother wanted to block. Normally, getting blocked on Facebook isn't FML-worthy, but the way it happened in this case is. Mostly because he was being nice to his brother by helping him, just to be shit on by said brother in the end.

By  oj101  |  33

Why would you want to see his profile anyway/he sees yours? Unless you're very close in age, and share the same friendship group. There is such a thing as a healthy distance.