By Shut up loser!

Not her fault neither mine

Today, my 4 year old daughter got royally annoyed at my uncle who won't stop surprise tickling her by poking her waist. When he went for another, she punched him square on the nose, making him a laughing stock. Not accepting that he got owned, he started preaching about child discipline to me. FML
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By  ajh1800  |  25

Tell him that stop means stop, even if its from a 4 year old. And let him know that every action has a consequence, whether positive OR negative. He just happened to get the negative end of the stick.

  JackFaire  |  27

*Sighs* Things like this are so no helpful. It's actually super normal to ignore the wishes of a child around that age when it comes to tickling, wrestling etc. It's not a sign of pedophilia it's actually a sign of normal adults who don't seem to understand consent. The same normal adults that touch pregnant women's bellies without asking. There is nothing sexual in it for them they're just told it's okay.

If we immediately jump from "unwanted touching" to "that means you're a pedophile" then all those people hear is "well I'm not a pedophile so I'm going to keep doing it"

This is a consent issue and that's how it needs to be treated. "You're failing to ask her consent to tickle her she's made it clear she doesn't like that and you're ignoring it"

Telling every person "you're" or "they're" a pedophile is like telling every kid "Weed will kill you" then when they realize you're full of crap they won't believe anything else you say either.

If the OP goes to the uncle with "You're a pedophile" he'll think "well no I'm not" and promptly dismiss anything else the clearly idiotic person says.

Also there is a difference between a child molester and a pedophile.. The latter has urges towards children whether or not they have acted on them.

The former has acted on them. Both tend to avoid any interactions with children that others would mistake for sexual interest in a child. The molester then finds ways to get the child alone or groom them.

Tickling them would rarely be a go to move. At least outside of a Hollywood movie.

By  mssileas  |  25

Ok a grown man not stopping touching my 4yo daughter against her will? I wouldn't have waited for my daughter to defend herself, but whatever. I hope it hurt when she punched him and I hope next time you back her up earlier.

  JackFaire  |  27

In this context if a mother reacted most of the rest of the family would have been all, "Oh my god overreact much he was only tickling her what is wrong with you"

The idea that children can consent or withhold consent is completely alien to our society. We built many of our laws on the idea that children under certain ages are incapable of consenting to anything. Attitudes are changing but not quickly. The same person who on Monday might comment on this being bad might on Tuesday tell their son to get over the fact he doesn't like his brother tackling him.

By  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

Your daughter is a fucking legend!!! Please give her a high five from me. You won't always be there to protect her but you did teach her to stand up for herself and that is as good as it gets. Pedophiles choose their targets carefully and she aint prey. Oh, and your uncle can go fuck himself.