By Anonymous - 27/09/2010 13:17 - Australia

Today, I was playing with my dog, teasing her, to cheer myself up after being dumped by my girlfriend. My dog bit me hard and I had to go to hospital. The dog has to be put down. FML
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Learn some fucking reading comprehension idiot. Teasing a dog is normal play, though sometimes they're just not in the mood and they snap. Clearly, the dog snapped and the OP had to go to the hospital for stitches. I really doubt they went around town telling everyone their dog viciously attacked them.

If an animal attacks someone, depending on the circumstances and the area, some laws require the animal to be put down. It could have been ordered by the law to happen. :/


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That's why you NEVER tell them you know the dog that bit you.

yeah that makes sense, kill the dog for reacting to what you were doing. fyl for teasing your dog

You make me sick. taking your anger on a poor innocent dog then he gets blamed for biting you.

op go suck a cock! when my dog bit ne in the eye i said he 'accedently' bit me... way to go idiot!

if it's your dog it doesn't have to be put down, just man up and tell them you were teasing the hell out of it and it wasn't the dogs fault

wat the hell, poor dog rip

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you dumb ass! you get no sympathy. fuck your life? no fuck your dogs life. You're not the one that was getting bothered, and defended yourself and now has to die. You selfish ediot!

what the fuck, he didn't saying he was fucking abusing it or something, he said he was teaing, you know, like PLAYING with it? sure, he was really stupid with saying it was HIS dog that bit him, but you dumbfucks that are freaking out at him like he did it on purpose, go to hell.


#58 OP was playing with the dog to cheer himself up. If he was taking anger out on the dog, he'd be screaming at it and hitting it. How dumb are you? Where do you get 'taking his anger out' from 'playing with a dog and teasing it?'

#96 whoever thumbed you down is one of those dumbfucks. I agree with you 100%. people need to learn how to read and comprehend if they wanna avoid making themselves look dumb with their comments

ge5 fucked, both of you

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Awee :( I sorryyy.

I thunk it's hilarious!

Yea you would you POS bitch.

You would you attention seeking emo whore

you're an insensitive bitch #72

I 'thunk' what you wrote is horribly insensitive and bitchy!

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that sucks, i'm so sorry

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He said it HAS to be put down which means he probably didn't have a choice. Stop being a bitch and learn to read!

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Learn some fucking reading comprehension idiot. Teasing a dog is normal play, though sometimes they're just not in the mood and they snap. Clearly, the dog snapped and the OP had to go to the hospital for stitches. I really doubt they went around town telling everyone their dog viciously attacked them.

If an animal attacks someone, depending on the circumstances and the area, some laws require the animal to be put down. It could have been ordered by the law to happen. :/

learn to read and think u cunt

Teasing doesn't necessarily involve cruelty. Some younger animals haven't yet learned when fun play gets too rough. Although I do agree that if this was just roughhousing gone awry, OP should've recognized the aggression amping up and taken a break.

Someone at the hospital probably reported it. That's why if my dogs ever bite me (which would likely never happen as I have a decent understanding of dog behavior) I would not let them know it was my dog and write it off as a stray or something instead.

Thank you everyone for explaining to roadkill what an idiotic bitch she was! it's normal to play rough with dogs and sometimes shit happens... I'm sure the op doesn't want to put his dog down!

Roadkill - There's no need to call anyone an idiot because they (rightfully) disagree with you. I can't remember who said it, but someone up there ^^ said that in some places, it's the law to put the dog down if they become aggressive. That's the case where I live. Also, some people may consider what happened to OP a brutal attack. You didn't see the bite, or the marks it left behind. You can't say for sure whether it was or wasn't a brutal attack. Teasing an animal in fun is NOT cruelty. I'm part of an animal rights group, so you know. If you're playing around with it (for example, "fake" throwing a ball), it's not considered abusive. That's the most common example I can think of, but if you need me to provide more, I will.

40 - I can't tell if you're serious. Oh well. As you wish: -The example I mentioned before is not abuse (if you're too lazy to scroll up, I gave the example of faking the dog out while throwing a ball) -jumping around and getting the dog excited is not abuse -chasing it (provided you aren't threatening it) isn't abuse -making the dog 'beg' is not abuse (and yes, it is a form of teasing) -wrestling around with it (gently) is not abuse -- This is a sticky situation, though, since the dog might think it's the alpha depending on how you play. My brother and my dog play around like this all the time, but he knows where to draw the line and how to wrestle while still maintaining the 'alpha' persona, for lack of a better word. I can't think of any more off the top of my head, though I know there are plenty more. If you want, you can look it up. Actually, I encourage it. All of these are forms of teasing the dog, yet none of them are seen as abuse.

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I'm sorry but when on FML and people argue it's all girls! All I can think of is PMS!!! >.> that's what it always seems like

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#79 - lol I need to be put down for being ignorant??? Playing and teasing a dog is not abuse! Dogs love to play rough! Sure the OP can be blamed on not training his dog properly, or maybe the dog was just not in the mood and the OP didn't pick up on that! I am tired of all the snappy bitchy comments towards OP because his dog had to be put down probably because it was ordered by law! Should OP had done something to prevent this, sure he's to blame, but I still feel sorry for him for losing a pet!:( calling roadkill a bitch might to uncalled for but her attitude annoys me when she clearly knows nothing about owner-dog relationships! My husky and I play fight all the time, it does not mean I am mistreating it in any way!

You guys really need to learn what owning a dog is all about, and what's allowed/what isn't. Sheesh. Dustbunny (I think that's her name) IS right. Go run along now, ask your vets, ask your parents, ask anyone. They'll agree with us. Please tell me you guys don't own dogs...

someones pmsing

thankyou I think the same way!

You're an asshole , you know that?

Do you have any idea how fucking stupid and unaware of how you play with a dog you sound? I know how you play with a dog. You wrestle and roughhouse with it, just like OP was doing. Also, I feel it's not necessary to say this, but I feel like you deserve it because of how fucking judgmental and idiotic you are. I honestly cant tell if you're a boy or girl.

From experience when a dog bites you hard enough you have to go to a hospital the dog gets put down. They ask how it happened and a councilman comes and orders you to get it put down due to violence. Even though OP "teased" him (he may have a different definition of tease than you do) the dog still bit him making him elligable to be put down by law. The dog didn't deserve to die, and OP didn't deserve to be in this situation. FYL

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#5, your the idiot. When a Dog bites someone, they take it away to do test to seeing its rabid or if it had a reason to bite. People tease their dogs all the time. That how you play with dogs. It's not like he was abusing the dog. It's as that it has to be put down, but it's not OP's fault. So shut the fuck up an get educated before posting.

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Lol you look like a psycho

He didnt have to say it was his guard

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We had to put our dog down when it bit my brother. He walked up and hugged her like he had for years and for some reason she got scared that time and bit him on the face. It wasn't the dogs fault really and it wasn't my brothers fault really either because he was used to loving on her but the police came and have us papers that said she had to be put to sleep even with no previous offenses.

dumb emos will be dumb emos

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I agree. That does seem odd that you didn't have a say in whether your dog gets euthanized or not. I put YDI and FYL. It seem pathetic to tease a dog to cheer yourself up.

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Hmm... that really blows.


It could be his parents that decided it. We don't know how old he is.

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but yet he's online, on this web site and has a gf! I think he atleast knows between right and wrong! if you tease a dog ur gonna get bit back! common sense!

how do you know he has a gf?

The FML said he was getting over a breakup

There are 8 year olds with girlfriends/boyfriends.

HAHAHAHA. Wow. Sorry dude, I totally laughed out loud at your misfortune. Cheered me up though, so thanks.

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It's the law. If your dog does bodily harm to a person and is deemed dangerous, they will be forced to put down.

Not always. Laws vary from country to country and state to state.

No shit litby.

this probably wouldn't be on fml if it wasn't the law where op lives. duhhh.

i got bit, it wasnt even bad but my neighbor had to send it aeay for 6 months just to avoid it getting put down, my stupid mom had to go around telling everyone it was unprovoked, i was fine with a cm deep single tooth gash, i felt bad for the dog

aww I'm sorry! :'(