Today, I spent 4 hours making a cheesecake for my brother's girlfriend, which she begged me for a week to make. After my oven breaking and having to buy a new hand mixer, she tells me she's not going to eat it because this morning she decided to try being a vegan because, "it sounds interesting." FML
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By  mssileas  |  25

And that's how you get people to never ever do you any favors again. :)

If it's any consolation, the oven would have broken either way and it never hurts to own kitchen appliances - and also you know right away that she's a fluke before it involved anything more serious than a cake.

By  Sam Siggers  |  8

you can do 2 things, eat all the cake yourself or with your partner/friend. OR you could get a little revenge by throwing it in her face or be creative, take bits of cake and place them in her shoes, clothes that she wont use for a few days. it is satisfying to see horror of the aftermath with all your hardwork. dont let your hard work go to waste. eat it all yourself with friends n family or be a bit of a revengeful prick. it is harmless and gets your point across.