Dirty talk

By Anonymous - 14/03/2010 07:54 - United States

Today, I was in bed with my boyfriend, in the middle of foreplay, and somehow out of my mouth came, "I want to be inside you." I'm a woman. FML
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Then go inside him in the BUTT BUTTERS:I said what what in the but you wanna do it the but in the OK if you want it I'll give you power just be careful Im getting tender just like a flower

I have a sneaking suspicion that the OP hasn't always been a woman.....

hahahaa okay it's no big deal, you get caught in the momment and that's usually what's said during forplay.. just correct yourself and it's just something you guys can laugh about, your life isn't ****** and you don't desurve it either :] calm down there

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o and 70----- SCENE chicks are hot as hella

^^. I meant 77 and hella is supposed to be hell

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rite now he is thinking " that bitch is NOT touching my asshole!!!"

Marley can't comment on anybody's attractiveness for she has to steal pictures to cover up her own face.

wait. did she call me unattractive? if so, then atleast I don't steal pictures of other girls off the net :]

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She probably just misquoted Anchor Man: "I wanna be on you!!!"

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at 88 ur ******* retarded !!!!!!!! chicks wit dicks should die even if they use that ******* strap

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153: ewww? i'm soz, that pictures not as pretty as ur normal 1s sugarbabii or wateva

70, 77, and 120 were the ones I though pretty :) and no I'm not an Internet crerv. (crerv= creep+perv) ;)

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Marley said the OP saying that was unattractive. C'mon, think about these things people!

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learn how to spell you 13 year old damn

Get off fml everyone hates you and your picture. Please and thank you.

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UNACCEPTABLE. 45: That video cracked me up.

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Justin bieber is not gay, she is a lesbian.

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@71 finally someone believes me!!O.o

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71: That's exactly what I said to my friends!

justin beiber suckkkks. i have no clue what people see in his music or is looks.

thank u deathcab and everyone else who hates this shit. I haven't heard a good song on the radio...ever listen to real music

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71- so true! gosh, Justin bieber should crawl in a hole and stay there forever in my opinion.......

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lmao exactly what I was thinking!!!

90- your a fat, greasy, ugly bitch go die in a hole

What gives you the right to tell someone to die?

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#7 yeah, they were probably a man at some point in her life.(x

She could have just been a gay guy. Saying I have a boyfriend doesn't immediately make you a girl.

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the OP's gender is shown in the FML by (mobile version) gender symbol (site version) the word "female"

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Yes, but it was most likely put there for the Moderation process, where it does not show you the gender of the OP.

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you guys are confusing she said: I'm a woman.

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Did your boyfriend stop and go "whoa, hold up. do what now?" or did he roll with it? was it just like "yeah, yeah I want you inside me too. shove that bug hairy **** right up my ass with absolutely no lube. I love the pain." cause then you might want to be the one to step back and call time out.