By Ohgodmother - 28/02/2014 09:06 - Australia - Hobart

Today, in public, one of my mom's friends asked me how on earth did I get so tall, my mom happily scampered to my side and shrieked: 'TWO YEARS OF BREAST MILK'. FML
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Well, breast is best.

I better breast feed then, I don't want Hobbits


At least she didn't say something like, "Ten years of breast milk!" that would be awkward.

or "12+ years of breast milk" = incest

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Thats not a comment... you might as well have said *fml* instead. WHERE HAVE ALL THE JOKES COMMENTERS GONE?

Could have been worse. Could have been 14 years.

Well, breast is best.

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no, breast is breast.

I better breast feed then, I don't want Hobbits

That explains why I'm so short .__. my mom says I hated her milk so she gave me formula and I grew up to be 5'1 (I hope I did that right) haha x)

I'm a tall guy ... Makes me worry about my past with my mom. ._.

I was never breast fed, and I'm 6, 2 while still only being a junior in highschool

I just hope that nobody seriously believes that breastfeeding is the direct cause for people being tall.

sweet geezus you're a GIANT! lol

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^He didn't say he was special for being 6'2, he's saying that he still has potential to grow even without ever having breast milk. But good on ya' for lowering his self esteem. Everyone needs that every once in awhile.

#3 I guess I won't breast feed then…I would love some hobbits! :-D

Don't be stupid. A baby sucking on his mother's breast is a happy breastfed baby, nothing to do with incest. Grow up and learn to deal with it. By the way, she also changed your nappies and wiped your little pecker when you got poo all over it.

Being breastfed is, however, the best way to get a super immune system, and optimum health in all respects.

I've always heard that was the breast way to find a child.

Well, at least two years is better than currently nursing. Just imagine if she had run up, lifted her shirt, and announced it was time for your feeding.


I laughed so damn hard when I read your comment. (:

Now we know the breast secret to success in basketball!

Slam dunk without a jump

Your mom is Legen wait for it.. Dery. Legendery.

*Legen... Wait for it... DAIRY.

Thanks. English isn't my native language.

Just saw you're from out-of-country. Lest I confuse you with the whimsical ways of English spelling, the word is 'legendary.' I was making a pun. :P

Oh I get it now. :D

Oh my god...You guys are being NICE to each other. I-I don't know how to process this. I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE INTERNET! WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

@34 Oh, sorry, I'd forgotten. @37 Erm, you—DARN YOU! Stinking foreigners, not getting my English-based joke the first time! And using 'e' instead of 'a' (which is a common mistake even among native speakers)! And—and speaking a language I don't despite having barely even mentioning it in front of me! LEARN ENGLISH! @34 Is that better? :D

lol, I totally read 37's as "Shut up!"

At least she didn't flash. Still embarrassing though, sorry OP

It did that body good.

Moms love to embarrass their kids