By really? - 23/09/2013 02:24 - United States

Today, I texted my girlfriend to tell her that we couldn't hang out because my dog died this morning and we were burying him. She replied that she wasn't going to get stood up by a stupid dog. She then broke up with me. FML
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Everyday_Galaxy 14

She sounds like a delight!

I'm sorry but if someone doesn't respect that fact I don't think they deserve respect.


Everyday_Galaxy 14

She sounds like a delight!

She's a shallow bitch OP. You deserve better and sorry about your dog.

You dodged a bullet OP.

I feel your pain op, my dog died and my girlfriend broke up with me too on the same day

Why was this duplicated

Should've buried her as well while you were at it.

She sounds like a total bitch looking for an excuse to break up with you. I feel for your loss OP, but when it comes to your now ex-girlfriend, it looks as if you have won.

Well at least you got out in time.

I'm sorry but if someone doesn't respect that fact I don't think they deserve respect.

19990231 29

Am I the only one who thinks the comment doesn't make sense?

christinamarie17 29

#162 yes

Wizardo 33

One who is not empathic will surely struggle in a relationship anyway.

anniemeece 23

I'm sorry for your loss, but at least you know your ex wasn't a keeper anyway.

I bet she's a real animal lover.. Sounds like a real charmer, too

Girls like her don't deserve boyfriends

I think terrible girlfriends in FMLs deserve the terrible boyfriends in FMLs. They're made for each other!

hunteryager 18

Byt then they would breed! Please no, we dont need anymore rude ass people in this world.

Not worth your time OP. Sorry about your dog.

Nessuh95 7

Bitch. -.-

the dog? probably.

lb0812 18

No, you.

jasmine2301 25

#10 is talking about OP's girlfriend...

What an inconsiderate bitch anyone who doesn't realize that it's trying to lose your best friend and the effect animals have is much better dumped than dealt with

OP's girlfriend is more of a bitch than the dog. Should've buried her WITH the dog. Really dodged a bullet there, OP. Now you can find someone who can actually show empathy. Good luck, OP!

thegravytrain 6

You should have told all your mutual friends and her friends that she broke up with you because you couldn't hang cuz your dog died. She would have no friends. Either that, or her friends are just as big of c*nts as she is!