By Noname - United States
Today, my younger sister's dog broke its leg. The vets are closed today so instead of going on a date with a girl I have been trying to get for at least 2 years, I need to carry an 80 lb. dog that hates me, up and down the stairs. I already got bit twice. FML
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  Ajjas013  |  6

Number 1 is right, besides you get karma points.

  R3nesmee  |  0

ARE STUPID FML'S NECESSARY? The guy has no right to complain, he did a nice thing for his sister, AND the dog. And I agree with 16, Why the hell was he carrying UP and DOWN stairs? And I'm sure the girl you were going out with wouldn't mind a rain check so you can help your dog. Not an FML in any way other than the biting, which is possible to avoid.

  cxal_fml  |  0

maybe someone approved it to make sure the FML staff would see this and report the OPs ip to the state of PA for engaging in animal cruely (as they are required to do by US law)

By  Lkdude77  |  0

Wow? o.O I woulndt even try to help out that dog.. In Africa dogs just walk around the streets no one cares.. Here it's like having a child -_- example? Those dogs in the purses.. Don't get me wrong I luv dogs but not to the extent where they are treated as my own children..

  Flounder  |  2

I hardly think that taking care of an animal's medical needs or assisting it with basic bodily functions (going outside to toilet/eating/etc) when it is injured is over doing it. There is something very wrong with people who think of animals as objects or as having no feelings or needs past only the very basic, as you seem to.

  RubixMonkey  |  0

I know its different in Africa, not to sound racist or like "America kicks ass" or Europe is better, but do you ever think that maybe they don't treat dogs the way they do in America is because of the difference in financial, as well as what dogs were used for. In America it might seem weird that people baby their dogs but they have earned the right to be treated nice, as they were/are responsible for a lot of functions, police dogs, herding dogs, sheep dogs. Also, some people do not want children/do not have children and live alone and want a companion. A dog is not just there to be looked at, they have personalities and are often wonderful companions for children as well as older people. Studies have shown that taking care of a pet extends your life, and makes it better.

  natsaysheyyy  |  16

WTF is wrong with you. Have you ever had a dog, ever? They are very compassionate and loving and many dogs would give their life for their owner without hesitation. If my dog would take bullets for me, hell yes I can at least baby him. Buy him a bunch of treats and toys and spend as much time as possible with him. You clearly have no soul...