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Times like this make me glad I have a penis :)

What a weirdo. Who does that?


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Yeah, you just have to deal with embarrassing erections in public or other awkward situations, and getting kicked/hit in the balls either by accident or by someone who's pissed off at you, which I hear is quite painful. Think I'll stick with option 3- no penis OR period, best of both worlds :P

#32 your profile pic looks like you already are on your option 3..

Also you don't have to deal with people trying to grab it under bathroom stalls. Unless you're into that sort of thing....

#32 And you clearly contribute to what is wrong with society these days. Thanks for making what little good is left in the world seem more valuable. Without people like yourself I would let the good deeds i see slip by without having to give them a second thought. Thank you. (The preceding is loaded with sarcasm for those of you who can't tell)

You don't need to have a penis for it to hurt getting hit in the crotch you my dear number 32 have never been cunt punched

32; no period or penis? Have fun with the baby!

Actually some birth control makes it so you don't have periods.

What 103 said. But also, not everyone actually wants to have kids! And of course some people just adopt or use a surrogate.

I assume all of you who commented "it hurts for anyone to get kicked in the crotch" are girls. Fuck you. You seem like the people who would do that to your boyfriends for some petty shit. Nut pain is quite literally one of the worst things you could experience.

32- No period either? Unless you're permanently pregnant, you must not have s vagina along with your no penis (most, if not all, birth controls only get rid of the blood, not the cramps, which is still part of the period experience). So, no penis + no vagina = no sexy time. Have fun with that.

139...what? I can't speak for everyone but my birth control = no periods and no cramps. Obviously it won't be the same for everyone...but I'm not sure it's physically possibile to have cramps and other 'parts of the period experience' without having the blood bit too?

Yeah, I'm on depo now, haven't had more than the occasional period since I was 18, because I used to bleed like crazy (I have endometriosis). I get occasional 'phantom cramps' but I barely even keep stuff in the house anymore. I have like two pads and two tampons in case someone else needs them.

The whole point of birth control, for some women, is to get rid of cramps. Some just get lucky and don't have the period either!

What a weirdo. Who does that?

That's not just weird, it's rude. You don't steal something that someone just dropped!

lady gaga probaly grabs it for a new dress

^ Tampons...wrapped in bacon, probably. Eugh.

The womens bathroom floor must be considerably cleaner than the mens. I wouldn't pick up a hooker that fell on the floor there.

Surprisingly, the door handle is dirtier than the men's bathroom floor.

Oh no. The girls bathrooms are dirty as heck.

You know you're in a spot of trouble when you have to resort to stealing feminine hygiene products from someone.

If I was a girl I would of slapped her hand and be like mine bitch!!

Thank goodness you're not.

oh dammmmmnnnnn...being a girl really has few perks...if even any at all...but just say: "hey excuse me, thats mine, i need it myself"...things like that happen, i bet the person would've understood...but im sorry for u OP

I think that if I were OP, I would be too shocked to say anything!

I doubt that would have worked, actually. It should be pretty obvious that OP needed it herself, otherwise she wouldn't have had it out. But the other girl reached over into OP's stall to grab it (and wtf, who does that?!) which makes me think she wouldn't care at all if OP told her she needed it herself.

I can name two perks right off the bat: boobies

I'd step hard on the bitch's hand.

Boobs may be exciting to you guys, (and yes some women) but to most of us they are really more of an inconvenience, and after you've had them for a while they aren't that excuting

Silly rabbit. The excitement comes in showing them off to that special someone.

84- Agreed, they make lying flat on your belly a real pain in the ass (or rather, a pain in the tits)!

I'd rather be a girl than a guy any day

#5 why so sexist in the first few sentences?! Being a woman has a lot of perks

#84 you obviously either have small boobs or aren't taking advantage of having boobs.

What the actual fuck. I'm going to go with she was using shock value to her advantage. Because it definitely seems like she caught you off guard.

What the theoretical fuck. I'm going to go with she assumed it had been there a while and she just noticed it - if she saw it drop, and then took it without asking, she's a total asshole.

Please tell me the tampon was still in the wrapper

I pictured that it wasn't wrapped, but it seems much more likely and less disgusting, I'm going to assume it was wrapped.

bamagrl410 31

I'm fairly certain it had to be. I don't know anyone who would ever pick up an opened tampon off the ground to use, even if it had only fallen briefly. Especially if it was in a public bathroom! Ew.

Well at least you made someone's day, right?

If I were in your shoes, there would be blood.

#10, I guess in this case there already was blood.

without that tampon, there's gonna be blood in OP's panties.

Thank you for pointing this out.

In more ways than one...

That's not weird at all

I think they were being sarcastic - no need to thumb them down!