By Sarah_Mow - 28/10/2016 02:31

Today, I was changing my tampon in a public bathroom. As I was about to put the tampon into the sanitary bin, I dropped it and it rolled under the stall next to mine. It was occupied. FML
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" today I was minding my own business in a public washroom when a used tampon rolled into my stall. FML"


" today I was minding my own business in a public washroom when a used tampon rolled into my stall. FML"

How would a wet used tampon even roll??? Answer : it wouldn't.

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#25 Just roll with it, dude. No need to question tampon physics.

That's so awkward. I think I would sit in my stall for a good few minutes after the person left. I probably wouldn't want to be seen. (I'd have this weird anxiety that they'd just be waiting for me to walk out so they can take a look at my face and think "It was HER, the dirty tampon girl/lady"). I'm also wondering if you put your hand under and grabbed it or not.

Not gonna lie, I probably would have tried to grab it. It seems more weird to me to leave it.

I did indeed grab it, I'm lucky it didn't have much on it

Had to think about the FML the other day with the toddler crouching under bathroom stalls. Wondering if it would be good or bad to have one in this situation, too.

I still can't get over how amusing "sanitary bin" sounds.

Yeah, no. Don't flush a tampon. Have you ever actually submerged a tampon in water? They swell! A sure way to block your pipes!!

I was just wondering the other day when I looked at a sign for this in the bathroom if there are still people out there who think that tampons are flushable. There are signs everywhere to not do it and it's not a conspiracy of the toiletlobby.

Plumbers who are called out to clear the pipes after too many tampons are flushed refer to them as "sewer mice" because they are round and fluffy and have a tail. Do not flush the sewer mice unless you want to pay a plumber to clear the pipes after you are inconvenienced at the convenience.

Q: What do you do if your Kotex catches fire? A: Throw it on the floor and tampon it.

another reason why I hate public toilets

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Don't worry the lady in the next stall was preoccupied with the toddler looking under the door while she was changing hers.