By _guy_j - 06/09/2015 03:11 - United States - Glendora

Today, my brother got a job as an Uber driver. Now, whenever I need a ride from him, he insists I pay him money through the app. FML
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The only reason he wants you to pay through the app is so he can look better as an Über driver. Help your bro out.

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Well he can do that, technically

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Actually he can't according to Uber's policy as it is against their rules. He's not allowed to tell people to go on the app nor can he actually be sure he would be the one driving his brother because you can not request a driver. My own brother works for them and explained this to my family over a dinner one night.

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You are a turd, a stinky fat turd, go sniff a jockstrap you poophead

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@4 What the brother did was a dick move, too. So I think they'd be even.

Not wanting to drive their sibling everywhere is a dick move now??

39, no but asking your sibling money for it is kinda a dick move. If he has to drive him often I can see why he would ask for money but other than that...

The only reason he wants you to pay through the app is so he can look better as an Über driver. Help your bro out.

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better than walking or talking public transportation.

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@6 Public transportation is cheaper. (And technically, a taxi is public transportation.)

Do you have ways of getting around on your own, OP? I'd assume not, but if you do, now might be the time to start using them.

It'll make him look better on the app. What's the problem?

The cost can get pretty high for an uber ride. If it's your brother it should be free, or enough to cover the gas. Über charges a lot more

Really depends. If OP often does stuff for his brother and just wants a lift every now and then but he's being an ass then that's annoying. If he always demands that he takes him everywhere and rarely does anything in return then the brother has every right to charge him.

As long as he isn't getting you to pay by *******, right?

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No, that's his brother. Would you make your family pay you to rake them to where they need to go? I didn't think so.

Sorry, but nepotism isn't one of my character traits. Fork it over, bucko.

An uber fee is a lot more than just the gas money the ride requires. If OP wanted to pay that much he wouldn't have asked his brother.