By Anonymous - 20/02/2010 02:21 - Australia

Today, I was in a public restroom when someone took the toilet next to mine. Moments later, a used tampon rolls into my cubicle followed by an "Oops!" A creeping hand then promptly reached under to retrieve it. Both her hand and the tampon touched my bare toes. FML
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Are you an idiot? You couldn't move your foot?

hmmm.. I really don't see how a used tampon would roll that far.. was the bathroom windy?


sourgirl101 28

Sorry to hear that. It's pretty gross.

Is it wrong that when I picture this FML, I see a severed hand on the ground crawling around like Master Hand?

You shoulda stomped on her hand and yelled Occupied!!

why were you shoeless in a public bathroom?

xlostwithoutu 0

There's a thing called flip flops?

TrekkieGirl 0

...and this is yet another reason why I try to avoid using public restorooms. So gross!

today i was using a tampon in the toilet as i was taking it out i dropped it and it rolled into the toilet next to me i then reached in to get it and touhed someone elses foot FML.

chococat_fml 0

we do not call them flip flops we call them thongs. and what you call thongs we call g strings.

garltorsa 0

@#22. that's what I pictured too

well. at least OP isn't a dude in the dudes toilet

That's a good idea. I'll remember that one.

lagodfatha 0

it's floppy floppies get it right

Are you an idiot? You couldn't move your foot?

Hanban 0

This is the reason why I only use sanitary pads.

xlostwithoutu 0

Now that you mention it snickerdoodle I agree. Seems impossible when you put it that way. 

a new what? the post CLEARLY says the tampon was used... even if it wasn't I don't see how it rolled that far.

fretforyerlatte 0

wait, maybe she means the applicator. that could roll and still be nasty and covered in blood.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Oh good point, that's possible and still just as disgusting

@4 sandals or flipflops anyway, eew I was gonna say something else but I just imagined that again.... ... FYL

I SAY LEAVE THIS FML TO THE GIRLS. Although I live in a house with nothing but girls, I believe that guys would be going out of line trying to comment on this (unless you know more than you should about tampons). But really OP, MOVE YOUR DAM FOOT THAT WAY NEXT TIME YOU WONT HAVE ANYTHING TO REALLY COMPLAIN ABOUT. Who in the right mind would let not only a strangers hand touch thier foot but A USED ******* TAMPON.

YDI FOR LEAVING YOUR FOOT IN PLACE idc if u were "IN SHOCK" or "SURPRISED" if that was the case, as an instinct and a reflex you shouldve moved your dam foot!

MrNismo 0

I'm actually with snickerdoodles on this one I was thinking the same thing, cause it's hard to picture a swollen used tampon rolling, like if anything it would just plop there lol oh and she said bare toes not foot she couldve been wearing flip flop, thongs, sandals whatever y'all want to call them idc or even open toed shoes cmon people use common sense

itsgen 16

i agree its not soo hard to move your feet

ash92_fml 0

What are you talking about Snickers? Of course it's possible, all she has to do is drop it and it'll roll, it's not that hard to do... I don't think it's fake, FYL OP. Oh and Snickers, go and die.

Roflmaoqxz 3

Even if it's fake, I almost puked when I read this, holy f?!

gross.. one more reason for me to try and avoid public restrooms!! :)

hmmm.. I really don't see how a used tampon would roll that far.. was the bathroom windy?

that's damn gross! if I were u I will step on her hand and pee on it

Emma Marshall 19

Yeah cuz that is totally less gross 🤦🏽‍♀️

sammichbitch 0

How does a used tampon roll? I mean of it was soaked with blood wouldn't it just kind of plop down onto the ground? Not to mention how does somebody pull a tampon out of their vag, accidentally fling it in your direction, and then it rolls ALL the way to your foot. Sounds like bull shit to me.

akeller3298 1

You sound like bullshit to me . Nobody ever said it was USED . Gawd , a unused one is in a CIRCULAR tube , circular tube = ABLE TO ROLL . Moron .

akeller3298 1

sorry , didn't read it completely !!

Emma Marshall 19
MermaidSongXOXO 6

Oh my god! I can't believe Britney Spears posted on FML! You were barefoot again! I can only imagine the hot, dirty, lesbo bathroom porno that went on next :D

Rickymonkeypants 0

@mermaidsong- i bet u finger urself to the image of that Porno


hahah, maybe she tried hitting her with the tampon x] ewww, tampon fights lmao.

Your DP is so horrible and offensive and awesome at the same time I just don't know what to think of it... D:

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rbkhockey33 0

learn to read. OP clearly stated it was already used. nice one. you are pretty smart.

well, then maybe she should have moved her f***ing feet instead of fussing up a storm about it. I've had worse happen and u don't see me complaining abt it on here. I just think it's a lame fml, okay!?!

PsychoMerk 0

Christy, maybe it's because YOU'RE not worthy enough to make it on the site ;0 I hope Sirin keeps tabs on you >_>

snicker, you know nothing about me, other then what you want to think up. I graduated from highschool back in 2001 and was born in 1984. so do the math and that should tell you how old I am instead of assuming I'm in highschool or that I'm stuck up. either way you read my message wrongly and I only said that she "(probably) is a stuck up premadonna!" read don't assume. And this is a lame fml, my own thoughts, don't judge me unless you think you have to be judgemetal to everyone on here.

Wow, you really fail at social skills. Maybe if you had a friend other than Enrique, the right hand, you wouldn't be on Fml 24/7 correcting people's grammar. It's really pathetic and sad. I don't mean to be rude, but you were being a complete bitch.

Wow, your lame for correcting everyones grammer on here! grow up little one and quit acting like a smart ass, because most everyone I've read that talks about you either doesn't like you because you a grammer b**** and just because you think ur lord of the dictionary does mean you have to act like an asshole.

thanks majones... we need to bring the grammer b**** down!!!

Hey she's older than you! Respect your elders,whether or not they can spell is irrelevant! Are you so used to correcting people that you've forgotten your manners? Or didn't your parents teach you any??!

That's ok Christy. I don't want to take part in the Special Olympics.

Then go build your own school!!! You may think your a genius or something. Or you may think you have the best grammer in the world, and maybe it's true. But there is one thing that stands true is your additude sucks and you don't take in consideration that by you having such a horriable attitude on here that you will make more enemies then friends. try to be more suttle with how you correct people or just don't say anything at all. Works better sometimes if you say less.

Yeah, because in truth, your grammar corrections don't help at all. People just read what you say, tell you to **** off, and then make the same grammar mistake the next day. If you want to help people become smarter, go be a teacher or something. Ok, I'm done. çøëxîśt

MadaZer0 8

Hm... I can't pick a side... D: On one hand... I have Snick... The grammar Nazi friend of mines... On the other I have majones... Who probably plays MW2 so he's cool Bo matter what he says... Ugh... No wonder people drink >.>

Well to be honest, i'm more of a neutral party. I think both christy and snickerdoodle are being dumb right now.

You know what, I don't have time for your silly nonsense. I'm going to bed because like everyone else I have a life, unlike yourself who spends their time correcting everyone on here. I don't care if you believe I'm twenty yrs old or two. Just get a life and quit being a sour puss. Because to be honest no one cares what you have to say!!!

"silly nonsense" I'm now on christy's side.

Mx_Rider 6

lmfao snickers, always getting on people xD that a girl.

yeah for real. you both are coming off really bad in this post. I really don't think grammar matters at all on these posts but f- you anyway for being such an angry bitch. people have the right to be upset about dirty tampons hitting their feet!

if I had to choose between the person who complains about the post never being bad enough to be a fml or the grammar Nazi I'd pick grammar Nazi everytime!

You've admitted that you understood what she was saying, so why does it matter that her grammar and spelling isn't perfect? Language is our tool for communication. In my opinion, using it in order to one-up someone and try to prove yourself and your intelligence is more disrespectful to our language than honest grammar and spelling mistakes. No one's impressed, hon.

Err, there was more to that comment ^ Christy, I really don't think you should be demanding respect in any way, seeing as how you aren't showing us how you deserve it. Especially seeing as how you demand the riddance of Snickerdoodle's [totally awesome] "additude" through complete rage. I don't think anyone can get the dirt on Snickerdoodle without getting hit with a faceful of mud.

xlostwithoutu 0

Snickerdoodle I think your comments are very funny and usually agree with everything u say and grammar like that annoys me too! Saying your when you should be saying you're annoys the shit out of me :D

xlostwithoutu 0

I'm no grammar Nazi.. and yes it's the Internet and grammar really DOESN'T matter...... but how do you manage to spell the same word differently in the same post? ..I'm just sayin >_>

xoluvinshayxo 0

snickerss iloveyouu. def no **** tho

jsquared3509 0

you're face must have turn as read as she tampon.

MF12 0

hey I like snickerdoodles... speak for yourself

dark_666rose 0

i think that snickerdoodle should **** off, cuz frankly she's really annoying. And also people tend to spell differently when they type rather than how they would probably spell on a essay, I know I do.

@ 95 WTF are u talking about?OH, LOL FORGOT WHAT THE FML WAS ABOUT  was too into snickerdoodles chewing up the old bitch that can't spell. Don't get offended because I said a 26y old is actually OLD. I said that cus well, it's sad that someone who already graduated is behaving in such a way. YES IM STILL IN HS. So don't get on me  but I believe in what Snicks is doing is to help you guys.

Also what does she care if no or likes her. She's probably never going to meet anyone of us in her life anyways, yet, even if we do cross paths. HOW WOULD YOU KNOW??? she could actually look a bit different from her pics. You never know... I forget, WHAT WAS THE FML ABOUT???. Majones and Christy. instead of being a xenophobic try listening for once instead of b!tching about someone correcting you. TRY NEW THINGS.

DARK ROSE. I know what you're saying and I agree with you, as far as people spelling differently that is. Besides the matter of fact that people tend to start writting as if they were typing is why I support snickers. I hate seeing that people turn in papers IN ENGLISH CLASS with a sentance SAYIN TAT TIS IS JUS HO3 THEY LIK 2 SPELL

AHAHAHA THEY DELETED THIER COMMENT  Either that or my itouch is just not showing it anymore. 

dark_666rose 0

..and it's pretty sad to hear people who actually do hand in crap like that I most deffinetely didn't delete my post, but I can't seen to find it anymore. "i think that snickerdoodle should **** off, cuz frankly she's really annoying. And also people tend to spell differently when they type rather than how they would probably spell on a essay, I know I do."

sourgirl101 28

Hey I love her too! Her and some of the other regulars are what makes this site interesting. We all make mistakes. I do more then I would like to admit. Learn from them or not. It's in Snicks trate to be who she is. Everyone keep write and bitching about something I hope she will never change about herself. If not FML would truely suck to read. Thanks Snickerdoole and all of you hater.

sourgirl101 28

Correct my mistakes and it's not a big deal.

Christy = A huge phallus. Snickerdoodles was only giving you a taste of your own medicine and you fly off the handle about it... It's rare to see someone as hypocritical as you.

itsgen 16

oh dammn! I say go snicks. Correcting people on here is kind of her place on this site. I find most of her comments very interesting. noww Christy on the other hand, back down bitch! :P

Hanban 0

It's funny when people are picking sides when the dominant side does not even care if she has most of the support.

Wow that's way over board don't you think ?! Says something about who you are to get so narky over a FML post .. On a FML app =