By bleu_noir - 14/02/2011 21:34 - United States

Today, someone at work put their used, bloodied tampon applicator back in its wrapper, and into the free tampon bin for some sucker to grab. That sucker was me. FML
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Ugh...gross. Sincerely, how does she get votes for "deserving it?"


MaximilianMarche 0

haha. I thought your name was cooter when I first looked

miss_sunshine716 0

Ugh...gross. Sincerely, how does she get votes for "deserving it?"

because some people are assholes or wise guys

nuhuh 1

for relying on free tampons maybe?

72- I'm pretty sure they weren't free, here they cost a quarter or two.

But the FML clearly states they were free...

krazy_glu3 0

Guys don't believe me when I say girls bathrooms are nasty! women throw their used tampon applicator and pads everywhere. some people are friggn SICK!!!

FYLDeep 25

Yeah, I had to clean them years ago when I worked at McDonald's. Women get ******* nasty in the bathroom. Guy's bathroom usually looked like no one had been in there.

Yeah, some women will even deliver/leave babies in McDonald's restrooms! You don't see guys dropping kids in toilets and walking out like nothing happened. ****.

Yeah most people say that guys are the messy ones but Girl's bathrooms are much never ceases to amaze me how a woman can pee on the toilet seat...

You should have sanitary bins in your public toilets then. They're everywhere in Australia.

ZomgChuckNorris 0

@Yenn so that is were that pee comes from, and im blamed 4 that

@84 they're usually in every stall here too.

Garytt 0

if there was a tampon bin at my work, I would not take one !

kirstendanielle1 0

there is probably a basket in the women's bathroom where they keep extras for employees. not like a place for used ones.

Me either. I would rather buy my own lol I already do that.