By anon - 30/06/2020 08:02

Today, my mom volunteered me to watch her cousin’s 7-year-old daughter overnight. She’s a nice kid, but sadly the mom has babied her so much that she literally can’t do a thing for herself. She needed help wiping, bathing and even brushing her teeth. Her mom does it all and never taught her differently. FML
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well that kid is gonna have one hell of a bad time at school


Then show her while you can instead of doing it for her...

well that kid is gonna have one hell of a bad time at school

at 7 she should already be in school, I'm surprised teacher put up with that... unless she never goes at school

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I’d like to give the benefit of the doubt, some kids have developmental issues and mature very slowly when it comes to doing things like that. My almost 7 year old is like this, but she’s in occupational therapy and CBT and stuff. She’s on the spectrum. It’s not at all my fault she’s like this, I’ve been getting her professional help for years and doing everything I can. BUT OP, if that kid is completely able, that sucks. No typical child should be like that.

Don't worry, the kid will eventually catch up. It's your mom's cousin who needs to see a shrink!

As a dental nurse, I feel it needs to be stressed that children up to 10 need parental supervision at brushing their teeth (like - first the kid brushes their teeth, to learn how to do it and then the parent does it in more precise way, since children usually do not have the skills to do it in a way which would stop their teeth from getting rotten like you wouldn't believe, and also they tend to need help in how to clean the interdental spaces). But the rest.... well, guess that's what you get when you have one of them *modern mothers*...

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I was about to say they at 7 the parent does need to be brushing teeth. I have a 6 and 9 year old and I let them do it first and then I do it again after. It’s just our routine. The bath.. well— it depends on the child. They days they aren’t washing hair, they can but the days they do wash hair... I do help with that so that they are getting the scalp really cleaned and conditioner all over their hair. My nine year old has sensory issues so really dislikes his hair messed with. It is to his shoulder blades since I cant get him to cut it. He had his hair cut like four times in his life- first time at 4 and then it usually grows to his shoulders and we cut it short again but this last time he said he wanted his hair to be long enough to throw into a pony tail or bun and now he says he is never going to cut his hair again- haha.. I told my kids it’s their hair and they can decide how they want it since I wouldn’t want someone demanding me to have my hair a certain way. I believe all children learn at their own pace. My almost 6 year old (end of month) has been learning to wash her hair since 4 bc it doesn’t bother her like her brother. My 13 year old has been doing it on his own since he was 6 as well and brushing by himself once he turned 10 and even started using the waterpik at that time vs flossing like the little ones.

Check her stomach and see if the umbilical cord is still attached. If it is, it needs cut NOW. Seriously, babying and spoiling a kid is not raising a kid... I don't even have kids and know better than that.

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Yeah I had that issue with my step son. His mom got mad at me cause I made him practice wiping his ass at my house. His school already told her they couldn’t go in the bathroom with him.

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I'm curious how this 7 year old goes to school.