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Today, after spending a week defending my marriage to everyone, I found out my husband has an addiction I never knew about. Hookers. FML
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Don't let him off the hook this time!

why would you have to defend your marriage to other people?


Don't let him off the hook this time!

I wouldn't take that laying down, OP.

Well hopefully you'll make the right call, girl

Hookers are really cheating though, there's no emotion

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Definitely counts as cheating in my opinion

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Assuming you meant "aren't", you're wrong. Having sex with another individual besides your partner, hooker or not, is cheating.

Also, think about the diseases he could be bringing home to his wife. I'd be going nuts if I ended up with an STD that neither of us had before. Not only is her husband being selfish, he is also spending money to have sex with other women. We don't know the reason why he's done it, but OP could have been holding back for a while due to having just given birth or had surgery and he couldn't put up with his hand for a little longer. OP could have deserved it in a very small percentage because she withheld sex from him for silly reasons or just didn't have sex or intimacy with him. But their sex life could also be very active with eachother which would mean that the husband has no reason whatsoever to even think about sex with anyone else. There is a lot more we need to know. Prostitutes count as cheating by the way, just like kissing someone else counts.

So physical cheating doesn't count as cheating? That is why you'll probably end up being forever alone.

#16 I agreed with you until you said that OP could have deserved it a little. No one, no matter what they've done, deserves the level of emotional betrayal that comes with cheating. If their sex life was suffering so much that the husband was having a serious issue with it then he should have sat her down and spoken to her about it like an adult, not gone off and had sex with hookers who could have given him a serious STD.

16 the husband has an addiction. I don't think it has anything to do with OP. At least you found out OP you need to take care of yourself now no matter what. Good luck hun!

Sorry, did mean aren't , my apologies

challan 19

I'm assuming you know this from personal experience. Note to all FML ladies... you are a walking std.

I only mean a tiny bit of deserving it if she doesn't give him anything for a long time, like a few years, and she refuses when he asks or gets her in the mood. I know it's wrong but that's the only time I would understand if someone did such a thing, but it doesn't mean it'll ever be right. Also OP could have cheated on him in the past we don't know.

Stop talking. Obviously cheating is still cheating. Whatever the reason, if the only concern is sex in a relationship, then best of luck to you. I'm not saying that there should not be sex in a relationship, I am merely suggesting that there is NO excuse for cheating, whatsoever. If you want to have sex, leave the significant other. Done.

You should stop talking. There isn't one set of rules for every relationship. And there are plenty of great relationships allowing sex outside of the two people. And sometimes there even is a pretty damn good reason to cheat. Tons of people have sexless relationships and not everyone is willing to abandon their partner to have their needs met. There's no 'obvious', or 'NO excuse' when it comes to other people's relationships. Two people don't have to abide by your rules. They should make their own.

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65: The only "good" reason I could possibly fathom for cheating would be if someone were kept in a relationship against their will. If your relationship is sexless, this is why communication is key; Talk to your partner, put some ******* effort into getting a spark going again. If the spark died and the sex won't be improving anytime soon, break up and move on. So no, a "sexless relationship" is a bullshit reason to make cheating valid.

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You guys need to stop thumbing down people who clarify themselves...

3 Doesn't count as cheating because there's no emotion? Are you insane? If a man's penis goes inside another woman's ****** besides his wife or girlfriend, that my fellow commenter is called cheating. I'm not sure where you're from, but I'll guarantee that everyone on this site will agree with me on this one.

That was probably what the husband said, too.

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fsomelife you made my day with your comment, thank you. Let a good ass be with you ass well :)

why would you have to defend your marriage to other people?

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Because people can be ass hokes. I agree with you

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They may be assholes, but they were right. They could probably see huge character flaws in OP's husband, and they just wanted to help the OP see them too.

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I'm wondering why its been for only.week. Are they only married a week or what?

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Perhaps they're visiting family our have family in? That would put them around a number of people with a predisposition to inquire about visible troubles in their marriage.

Or maybe he's been really good at keeping his nice-guy mask on in public until an incident of bad behaviour prompted people to reevaluate their opinion? My friend's partner was a real asshole to her but you'd never have known if you saw them in public, he made himself seem the perfect gent. It was only when he got drunk in front of us that we realised how bad he was, and begged her to leave him when she confessed it was a common occurrence at home.

Before I got married all my friends met my husband and everything was all okay everybody like each other they really all got along and it wasn't till after I got married to him that my friends told me they never really liked him they were just being nice for my sake way to speak up and tell me you think I'm making a big mistake my "good friends"

Every time I have ever spoken up to a 'good friend' to tell them I thought they were making a mistake, I was ignored and the mistake was made anyway, and a friend lost because I didn't have their back. I've given up and let people dig their own holes now.

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@18 ass hokes? I'm having problems coming up with a visual image. Perhaps that's not a bad thing.

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There's always a reason when people around you don't approve your opinion.

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Ahh. Good luck coming up with an excuse defending that

Hookers always remind me of Grandma's Boy.

Why is that? There aren't any hookers in that movie. Now I'm thinking you're an odd ball that's attracted to older women and would like to pay them for their services.

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"They're not hookers. They're massage therapists." "They'll massage your **** for money. " "There's a word for that. I think it's hooker. " "YOU'RE A HOOKER!"

Damn! I forgot about that beginning part. And I even own the movie. :P kudos to you!(:

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Usually, if you have to defend your marriage, there is something wrong because you have multiple people looking out for you that is based on at least a grain of truth from somewhere as compared to what you want to believe in - that is your biased view alone.