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Today, I went to use the public restroom. As I saw the toilet paper was out, I could see there was some hanging down from the other stall. As I went to grab it, I felt a hand grab mine and a voice ask seductively, "What were you reaching for?" FML
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Couldn't you see there was someone there lol?

#30 that's because your gay op just use your hand

#43 you mean "you're," not "your." Unless of course you meant to say that he owns a gay, which doesn't make sense.

yeah, I know right? maybe they'll see their sloppy grammar and come back to fml to correct it. Because I'm sure their worried about how people percieve them on the Internet... especially on a site that is so genuinely concerned about others problems. I'm glad people like them take time out of their short lives to correct such a fatal mistake as a grammatacal error... but think of it, the person who made the mistake is only helping people who correct it live fuller, mote fufilling lives. Yeah. Right.

Yeah,* Maybe* they're* others'* grammatical* more* I find it ironic that your name is "spellman." If you're going to hang out here, get used to the Grammar Nazis.

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What /I/ find ironic is the fact that in your haste to look oh-so-smart, you've "corrected" something that they've said, when in fact they were correct in the first place. It IS their, not they're. Grammar Nazi fail.

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He was correcting the second "their." ("Because I'm sure their worried about...") In that case, Doc is correct. :) Because that one there should be "they're" not "their."

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And this is why English sucks...

O Shut te Fuk up, al of u! u al r FALURES!

Your correction is actually using the wrong 'their'; the guy before you is right in using their, not they're. He is not saying 'there are'

63 - In the context "Because I'm sure their worried," "their" would mean that they're possessing a worried. "They're" would mean that they ARE worried.

60 - English doesn't suck, the majority of America does. I fin it incredibly difficult to comprehend how someone could confuse the forms of "their." If you don't know the differences, you obviously didn't pass 3rd grade, and that's that.

ThereGoesMyLife, don't second-guess me. I never make misteaks.

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misteaks. (: bahaha, these comments just make my day.

^ I like Grammar Nazis better than the trolls complaining about the grammatically correct users on FML.

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Wow, Doc, you can't even spell "mistakes" correctly. Fail.

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Doc obviously spelled that wrong on purpose lol.

Sunglasses - go look up "sarcasm" in the dictionary. And remember, there are two rules of success: 1) Never tell them everything you know

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can some1 explain this to me. why do u guys care how we spell. just curious. i mean sometimes i see what i spell wrong i dont feel like fixing it. as long as u can understand it i dont see the issue. does it make u feel cool or happy or even smarter than us...bc thats a wow

you Nazi grammar folks are douches , stfu

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I see you have been reading allmidnighteyes' profile. LOL

Actually, 101, it has been established several times that there IS a specific instance in which Doc was correct in saying that it SHOULD be "they're" instead of "their". If you're going to comment on that "problem", maybe you should read the relevant comments in order to not make such an error. That would save you time, this harrassment, and the appearance of a moron.

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It would seem that grammar is very important to the Nazi Party. I love you guys, you make my day :)

#63 There is no existing contraction for the phrase "there are". Food for thought.

zadie 6

Dude, Doc, get a life! You just sound stuck up and annoying. This makes me wonder if you ever got a date for prom...

Aww zadie, that's cute. That was a very noble attempt, but an utter fiasco nonetheless. Not only did I have a date to the prom (almost 20 years ago), but I've since had other girlfriends, gotten married, had a child, and now I have another on the way. If you don't like my comments, feel free to skip over them. I promise I won't get offended by your dumb ass not caring about what I have to say. If you're just here to troll me, then send me a PM and I'll be happy to lambast the shit out of you privately.

I would have said I'M GETTING SOME TOILET PAPER YOU PERV....GOSH and kicked his or her stall on the way out

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I love correcting people's grammar.

is it weird that I'm trying to be an author yet I still feel that the G Nazis are in the wrong?

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this isn't a ******* english class

holy shit, how about you nit pricks stop caring about peoples spellig on the Internet, and actually talk about the fml in the comments...

wintamint101 7

and 50, did you really take the time to comment on it?

That's when you get out your iPod/phone and start playing Bow Chicka Wow Wow

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All you people completely forgetting there is a fml in the first place and just arguing about all this other bs is more fail than what the person did in the fml. It's also arguably more entertaining.

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... -starts singing- Why can't we be friends? ?

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hahaha that's funny. shoulda made sure noone was in there...ydi

yea, OP just pop your head into the other stall and take a peak.

You mean peek not peak like a mountain peak.

Lmao...I heard Peter Griffin's laugh in my head after your comment.

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shouldve made sure no one was there nd if there was then ask

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idk why but I'm picturing Morgan Freeman saying that in your scenario.

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that's bill Cosby. "Cosbynesd, is second to godlyness"

bill Cosby never played god, freeman not only played god, he is god ._.

Next time remember to say "can you spare a square?" to avoid confusion.

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haha...oh the joys of bathroom humor...for some reason it never gets old...for me at least...