By Ms Yeins - Belgium - Mechelen
Today, I was changing my tampon in a public toilet. When I threw away the used one and opened a new one, it turned out that it had no thread on it! I took another one out. Again, defective! It was the last one I had with me, and it was the second day of my period. FML
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By  davidfong  |  14

I’m male so i not sure if you can do this.

Why don’t you put in the defective one temporarily and just go by new tampons and then change out the good one for the bad one

  Susan Yee  |  9

I’m sure it’s not as difficult as taking out a menstrual cup.

By  yankeedental  |  9

Uh. Hello. Have you never walked down a tampon isle? They purposely sell tampons without strings. The brand is O.B. It is NOT that difficult. It does NOT get stuck. And you do NOT need to “give childbirth” to get it out. My goodness people. God forbid you touch around your vagina, just wash your hands afterwards.

  beckezfml  |  11

Sounds like you might be a dude. O.B. definitely has strings. They are green and coiled at the base of the tampon inside the plastic cover. They don't use an applicator and are smaller to carry. That said, while removing tampons without strings is possible, it's often messy and not fun to attempt in work bathrooms because there will be blood on your hands.