By Unwanted - 02/08/2012 06:50 - United States - Fallbrook

Today, I was fired from my job. My boss turned to everyone and said, "Allow me to escort this trash out of the office." Everyone cheered. FML
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No offense, but that sounds like you were terrible at your job. Nonetheless, that's incredibly rude.

Wtf had you done to everyone in the office that resulted you to have this end??????!


No offense, but that sounds like you were terrible at your job. Nonetheless, that's incredibly rude.

That or OP has assholes for workmates

4- Or, OP was the asshole. Who knows?

Yea might be... But EVERYONE at the office hated him?? He cannot be so angelic

beccaishereyay 11

Exactly. People don't do that for no reason.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

There's no way everyone was an asshole. OP must have been the asshole and sucked at his job.

36 - But three rights make a left.

Why do you all assume OP is a male?

36- No, but three lefts do.

AClassActx3 7

It could be they're intimidated by him also.. The number of people that don't like him shouldn't determine YDI. No one liked Jesus either.. But he really could of deserved it. OP should've elaborated

83- terrible analogy. Shut up before you make yourself look even more stupid.

I think 83 has a point - OP must be the returning Son ;) But seriously, looking from every perspective should be encouraged; that's what Phil Collins wants :D

Colonel_Lexi 18

47-I think OP was just an asshole, I doubt being bad at one's job would result in such an embarrassing situation.

Colonel_Lexi 18

60-I think OP is a female, actually.

36- According to math, two negatives make a positive.

It depends what operation you're doing. If you add two negatives it's just a bigger negative.

corinna12124 0

Look....well either you deserved it or they did it for no reason because I've seen people do that before and if so you should sew them if you did nothin wrong and were good at your job :/

36, if you multiply the negatives it will make a positive.

But 3 lefts make a right!

EvilDave 13

What is more likely, the OP is an asshole or EVERYONE he works with including his boss is an asshole? From the sound of it, the OP was an asshole and got what he deserved.

EvilDave 13

Treating the OP like that was not wrong if he deserved it.

AClassActx3 7

Its really not a terrible analogy. Just cause you don't get it doesnt make me stupid. You must not believe in Jesus & if you do. . You really are stupid :)

DenBriZel 31

When reading this I thought of how everyone hates Sandra Bullock's character in The Proposal.

That's harsh. Why were you fired?


Diarrhea on the photocopier...

For being a piece of trash.

As soon as I read this FML, I thought of the WKUK skit: "WE LIVE IN GRABAGE"

Whoops sorry, *garbage

SpaceCadet87 0

Photocopying diarrhea on pieces of trash while masturbating.

Public urination. On the boss' daughter.

Pfft. OP doesn't work as an R. Kelly impersonator.

Wtf had you done to everyone in the office that resulted you to have this end??????!

Maybe he likes garbage

momolee 4

Whatever OP did, no one deserves to be treated that way. Being fired is bad enough.

161 - Actually, there are many people who deserve that treatment because they are just as big assholes. Perhaps the OP was one.

Maybe the boss was just taking out the trash.

well Y.D.I if you were a big enough idiot for that to happen...

You must have been *rubbish* at your job!

He's just junk.

That joke was pure garbage.

Can we please stop trashing other people?

Guys, number 18 is right, no need to make each other feel like scum.

Snackycake 20

#39, I don't think you got the joke....

sunnyt 5

39- No.. it's you who didn't get the joke. Stinks doesn't it.

That joke just went to waste on some people.

the jokes in the can!

Why the hell would we not be rude, this is FML for Gods' sake!

Because everyone needs to make a puny joke every once in awhile this was the perfect comment to litter with trashy jokes :P

OP is probably feeling down in the dumps.

Guys, stop being so trashy.

Have none of you heard of using the recycling bin?!... I'll get my coat.

#43- Nope, you just didn't get mine.....

Everything happens for a reason...

Exactly. In this case, the most likely reason is that OP is an asshole who sucked at his job.

That's what I meant! Why am I getting thumbed down? :/

You must have done something really shitty to be fired and called trash. Kind of an immature way of your boss to deal with that though.

tony1891 22

you must have did something really bad.

olpally 32

Your profile pic is probably what the boss said to op as the boss walked op out of the office... Lol

Did you do anything that might have somehow triggered everyone to hate you?

fat_snooki_lol 6

This sort of experience is not normal. For someone to behave like this, you must have done something considerably bad. Continually.