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Today, my parents, not trusting me and my boyfriend, told us to call them in the middle of our movie so they could hear it, and prove we weren't up to no good. Well, I called. Just as a raging sex scene started. FML
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.....Raging? And you probably should have had some idea what was going to happen within the next couple of minutes. Unless you weren't watching the movie, hmmm?

nothing like cuddling up to a good porno


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What's with all the 'your an idiot' or ur n idit' comments? WHAT'S HAPPENING TO THE WORLD!?!?!?

Movie theatres come equipped with pause buttons now? Since when would this inevitably abused and annoying power fall into the hands of the audience!?

They were more than likely at the cinema. Also, it could have been surprise [butt?]secks. I doubt OP would've called her parents if she knew a sex scene was just about to happen. Or maybe her parents told her to call at a specific time... I dunno. inb4 it could be a he

it seems like maybe they were at the movie theater

Seeing as you're not allowed to have phones on in cinemas, I assumed they would have access to a pause button, or an off button. Otherwise I assume the FML would then finish 'then the manager threw us out for disturbing the film FML'.

Not allowed doesn't mean that jackasses don't bring them inside and use them. It'd be extremely silly for the parents to think that if they were watching from home they wouldn't just quickly pop in a movie for the call...

Maybe the cinemas you are used to are terrible about the rules. Whenever I've gone, barely anyone brings an unsilenced phone into the auditorium, and when it goes off or they start using it, the attendants throw them out. Or the other patrons give them a death glare (trust me, the cinema is lit just enough to see such things) til the culprit puts the phone away... then slinks out from shame.

Yeah, agreed. They should be completely ostracized from the theatre and society.

You guys are interpreting the FML all wrong! OP was at the cinema and stepped out of the theater to call her parents just in time to miss the "raging sex scene." The FML is that she didn't get to see the scene. Obviously. Pff.

Protip: RWJ is unoriginal and all his "jokes" are stolen so you can't really tell if someone watches his trash or not.

Huh? I'm #12. :/ I used to watch RWJ, a year ago... why? :S & what JManHobbs said. ^

If they paused it, the parents wouldn't be able to hear the movie...

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.....Raging? And you probably should have had some idea what was going to happen within the next couple of minutes. Unless you weren't watching the movie, hmmm?

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some movies have the most random sex scenes pop out of nowhere though.

Haven't you seen inglorious basterds? I think that took everyone in the theatre by surprise.

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They weren't having sex. The people in the movie were.

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You should have waited if you were calling them. YDI.

you could have picked a differnt time to call. YDI

nothing like cuddling up to a good porno

talktomandybaby 8 would call them during that part.stupid.

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