By roomingwithevil - 09/05/2012 23:26 - United States - Slinger

Today, I found out who my randomly assigned roommate was. Out of 10,000+ people, I just happen to get assigned a girl who threatened to kill me. FML
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Ever watched The Roomate? Yeah, you probably shouldn't now! :-/


I know the OP specified that it was random, but those odds make me doubt that....

OP should bring a peace offering, namely bacon and/or wine :)

And then you got a free hitman at your disposal

Shes only an assassin if she kills famous people, cough*

60:- assassins can be used to kill non-famous people too...

italiancows 8

Be careful! Tell the cops! If she threatend to kill me i would get her ass arrested!

It's a small world after allllll, it's a small world afterrrr alllllllll , it's a small smallll world ._.

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Falling asleep on the L key, #3?

FMLshark 12

I've doneeee that beforeeee. ... Shit, oops. Keeep falling asleeeep on the "eeee" key.

Scar: "Oh, Zazu, do lighten up. Sing something with a little more bounce in it" Zazu: "It's a smaaallll world aaaafter alllllll--" Scar: "NO, NO! ANYTHING but that one!" Zazu: "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, deedly-dee, there they are standing in the road...."

You specifically ? Or would her reaction be the same to any other person who ended up being her roommate ?

"A girl who threatened to kill me." Pretty sure it was OP, yes. I don't think the death threat had anything to do with being roomies.

Forgive me for my cluelessness but what is 'OP' exactly?

#49, you must be new to FML. It means Original Poster (unless I'm severely mistaken), and is used in reference to the person who wrote the FML... :)

51 is lying, it means Orgy Pooper, as in someone who poops during orgies

Iknoweverything 29

You know, when I started on FML, I would NEVER ask "who's OP?" I went on to Urbandictionary, and looked it up myself. I don't know why people keep asking. It's not that hard to find stuff out, you're already on the internet, LOOK IT UP! Yeah, I'm mean, but I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking it either.

"I want to play a game.." So, let the games begin!! But serious mode on: you should talk to the landlord or such and see if you can get assigned to another room In those cases, it should not be a problem:) So good luck and FYL :/

yeah! just find another mismatched pair and make the changes yourself ...THEN tell the school/landlord (they'd rather make administrative changes than deal with other people's issues)

Maybe OP did something to make her say this..?

Ever watched The Roomate? Yeah, you probably shouldn't now! :-/

whatever you do! Don't bring an innocent kitten into your place! Or make sure there are no laundry facilities near by.. :(

hthelittleone 10

^ and don't wear a belly ring.

Make sure u don't show her your tattoos. Hope u don't have a bad relationship with ur ex?

what did you do that would make her want to kill you?

kandi_kid69 15

Probably stole her bacon and ice cream. >:I

I get the feeling that whatever it was, it was probably something stupid.

If someone stole my bacon and ice cream, I'd do a little more than kill them...I would brutally slaughter them, then steal their soul

skygirl_01 5

Even though this makes it easier for her to kill you it also makes her more of a main suspect if she ever did kill you, I think

Are you still alive? That means you are gonna be safe with her.

peachesncreem 21

You never know.. She could be studying OP's every move, secretly plotting away.. Waiting for the perfect time to strike.. Sorry. Too muct crime tv :)

thiscrazything 1

That's why OP should strike first.