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By vmml97 - 17/08/2009 21:16 - Canada

Today, my boss called me into his office. He then fired me. Upset, I asked him, "Well, who's gonna replace me?" His answer was, "I don't know and don't care. Everyone who works here hates you. Now go away." FML
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Wow that's blunt. Did you do something to deserve it? Maybe you're too mean to people.

did you really expect him to answer you differently? YDI for thinking you're that valuable.


Wow that's blunt. Did you do something to deserve it? Maybe you're too mean to people.

People just hate others at the workplace because either they do a better job, are more efficient or don't socialize but work constantly. So OP literrally got fired for doing a better job. nowadays, at the work place, effort and efficiency doesn't count, just how much you socialize and 'have fun'

haha wow, number 24 obviously is someone that no one likes in the workplace. you were one of those kids whose parents told you had no friends because the other kids were jealous weren't you? FYI: they werent jealous. You were and apparetly still are a douchebag, and have no idea.

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The fact you are a woman proves YDI for being a bitch and a ***** and failing @ life

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And #28 and #32 were those kids whose parents told them it was okay to be a bully and be pointlessly cruel to other kids because "my little darlings are just expressing themselves and being lively!" I bet you're the guys/gals who bum around all day at the office socializing instead of working...

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that is exactly what i thought!

You're all just making assumptions. You're probably all retarded.

You know what they say about fighting on the internet... It's like running the special Olympics, even if you win, you're still retarted

The way the OP said "who's going to replace me" makes her sound like she thinks she's better than everyone, which would explain why no one likes her. Also, it's spelled "retarded"

Or maybe that office/company is understaffed as-is, so there would be no one to replace them until they can get someone new?

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#38 if jesus loved her, she wouldn't have gotten fired

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op how could you even get a 'fyl'? you srsly deserved it. BITCH

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did you really expect him to answer you differently? YDI for thinking you're that valuable.

I can understand why the OP would ask, or maybe 'why am I being fired' Doesnt really get a YDI for asking, but a YDI for acting however he did that made everyone hate him. But honestly, there have been a few co-workers of mine that I wished the manager had fired them and said that to them.

It's a woman, btw. I think she was just constantly a bitch to everyone and they got tired of her. If you didn't ask why you were being fired, then you obviously knew that you were doing something wrong. And if your manager doesn't care who (if anyone) replaces you, then you clearly did something very wrong. YDI for being a bitch.

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she's not a bitch. thats a MEAN thing to say about someone you know nothing about. please stop calling her that

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We know nothing about her? How did you come to that conclusion? 1. OP was fired from her job. 2. OP was told "Everyone who works here hates you". 3. To instill that much hatred in your coworkers to actually be fired because of it requires a major personality failure on the part of the OP. Therefore the OP is a bitch.

I'm going with YDI here, people just don't do that sort of thing for no reason.

They often do it to people who work harder than them or don't take their BS. More often than not, that's why people are "hated" at an office. It happens to people who either refuse to participate in the constant badmouthing of everybody that others do, or who are more interested in working than in catching up on gossip, but sooner ot later, the little cliques and groups want to eject them...

Well I don't know where you work, but in my company it works the other way around. People get fired for being assholes who don't pull their weight, bitch and moan about the job while everybody else is doing it, and spread bullshit gossip about everyone to everyone else. I'm glad my area of expertise has down-to-earth people, not toddlers.

You had to have done something(s) to deserve that, because no one out of the blue says something like that. Sorry >.>

ydi for being a dick or just messin around cause no one would lie about a thing like this

Grow up and meet the real world. Hint: It's full of assh*les.

well???? DOES everyone hate you? Be a better person next time.

I'd suggest taking some time to really think about your actions at your last job and how they may be perceived by others. Remember, you know the reasons behind your own actions. Others must use your actions to infer your reasons. They're also far less likely to accept excuses.

Well, apparently you did something to make everyone hate you. It's not like they hate you for being such a nice fellow. Sry but ydi