By horniness - 10/10/2009 16:30 - Hong Kong

Today, I was in a bad mood after being stuck in traffic for 2 hours and late for work. I was walking to my building when I saw a 100 dollar note flying my way. A man called after me for it, but being selfish I took the note in my pocket as a little reward. That man was my boss. Yes, I'm fired. FML
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You sir, are a complete failure


missabbey 3

Really?? That is soo getting annoying

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Nobody cares about you being first!

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OP, I have two words for you. KARMA BITCH!!!

glutgyoogle 6

You're a flaming doucher. Aintcha?

If it didn't belong to you, and someone was calling after you for it, don't you think you really should have turned around and gave it to them? Gotta agree with everyone else.. that was pretty selfish.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Yeah me too. And didn't you think that if they were calling after you, they would have seen you pocket the money? What did you just expect them to let you have it?

I like when douchebags get punished by karma.

You're so dumb. You DEFINITELY deserve it. I hate selfish people like you.

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I'm all for "Finders keepers" but when a guy is calling for the money, he obviously didn't lose it. That was a pretty bitchy thing to do.

"Finders keepers" doesn't work for theft, bro.