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By Anonymous - 04/12/2010 00:14 - United States

Today, my boss finally pronounced my name correctly. My name was then followed by the words, "You're fired." FML
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congratulations man!!! he finally learned your name lol

well when you put anon down as your name...


Whoa, real smooth, Danniiboii22. I didn't think girls went for guys who spelled their names with double i's. *takes notes*

no offence #5 I don't think you can really critique anyone on their name considering yours is "DrAwesome".... saying that I'm not knocking his name either lol

MrsLender_fml 3

I can't help but think of peter griffin's voice narrating #14's comments when I read them. Lol

8 what's wrong with giving someone an honest, DECENT (not perverted) compliment? Hypersensitivity is bad for your health.

I'm Actually watching family guy right now it's an old one where they go to new York, "You have 3 days griffen" "3 days? that's tommorow! come on chris!"

congratulations man!!! he finally learned your name lol

From the sounds of it, you complained or told him to produce your name more than once. And I guess your boss got tried of you complaining over that.

Jose- How do you know the Op is an male? Piece of advice, if the post doesn't state the gender, use "op".

Draminicaus 0

Mr. Mism, I don't believe he was talking about OP. I'm thinking he was talking about OP's boss. You know, just saying.

yeah I meant op's boss, sorry for not being specific.

18, 21. You guys are an idiot, you guys had a chance to give me a comback by telling me look at the OP profile. Fail. Again, another fail. It doesn't say OP's boss was a male.

ohthebloodygore 16

23, you're a fail. You're also an idiot just for using my word.

Draminicaus 0

I wasn't trying to guess the OP's gender. I was merely commenting on how ridiculous you sound when you blindly go ballistic on someone.

27, says you, since you go off at them, for some drama or conversation. Otherwise just go ask your iron's mentor. Of course, to help you.

Draminicaus 0

"Idiot" is ohthebloodygore's insult of choice. Take caution when dealing with her. She'll rip you a new asshole.

It's funny because you sound like you're trying to act smart.

30, please read my profile. So you can understand why the **** I picked this word as a username. I'm already an asshole, go ******* learn to notice something before you say it. Idi0t.

ohthebloodygore 16

32, please stop. You're making yourself look like far more of an idiot with each post. You make no sense whatsoever and lack common sense. By the way, idi0t is the same as idiot. The 0 instead of o just proves that you are, in fact, an idiot.

33- Uhm, you don't even make a sense too. Because "idiot" isn't labeled under your name. Now, do what you just said about me. You're making yourself look like an idiot, since you don't read my profile, you're an failure to not understand why I'm not "making sense". So .....

Draminicaus 0

Yeah, he's just a troll with an ego problem. He thinks he's better than the average troll because he has a name with a definition.

Ironface, and you think you're better in fighting. *cough* With a plastic iron face.

ohthebloodygore 16

34, "you're making yourself look like an idiot, since you don't read my profile, you're an failure to not understand why I'm not 'making sense'"... and I'm the idiot, right? You might want to read your sentences before you post them. Just because you happen to capitalise, spell correctly, and use proper punctuation does not make your English decent. I also did read your profile. It does not make you make sense.

Draminicaus 0

Also, he thinks that just because he is such an omnipotent troll, he can completely ignore the rules of the English language and call you stupid because he justified himself.

37... Really? I actually thought you were good there, till you missed the part where I do "not make sense on PURPOSE".

33, why do you even reply to me? If I don't exist to you. Stop wasting your time, if this "not making sense" actually bothers you so much, enough to draw out some of "bitchy, comebacks, etc".

38, Do you really just like her enough to attempt to sound "smart"?

ohthebloodygore 16

40, I never did say it bothered me. Bitchy comeback? no. You're just an idiot. Your sentences lack sentence structure and you're trying far too hard to seem intelligent.

43, "draw", as in show, act. You don't have to "say" it. Again, stop being obsessed to my grammar, English if I already in the being/ on my profile stated that I will "troll, be cofusing". You fail to pay attention, and yet an successful little smart girl to be so stubborn on my English! :)

ohthebloodygore 16

45, so basically you assumed it bothered me? no. It does not bother me. If it did, I would have mentioned it. I'm stuck on your crappy sentence structure. I'm not saying you're making no sense with your thoughts, you're making no sense with your wording. You're ranting on and on about how you're trying to purposely not make sense with your thoughts when this whole time I'm not speaking about that.

Draminicaus 0

Get over yourself, Troll. You think that justifying your stupidity doesn't make you stupid. Then, you insult people when they say it doesn't make sense. That's a fast track to friends. congratulations! Your parent's conception should be an FML.

So you admit that you failed to add that whole thing was based on a foolish troll lack of sentence? I do admit that I have no proper English, based on what my profile says. :P you failed in two things, noticing that I do not care if you want to talk crap on my sentence structure, and noticing. My "rant" on, is just a troll. :P Way to go smart kid!

And, scroll up to my 43. You'll see that I do realize you're focused on my "lack of sentence structure".

I don't think English is his first language lol

whoops! Sorry, I meant to press "45"! xD

ohthebloodygore 16

51, so you admit to trolling? Good luck with that one pal. Also, you never mentioned your English wasn't correct. Of course you don't care, it's why you replied each and every time making yourself like a complete idiot.

54- ): Read...... It's based on reason. I've been saying that although. Troll, Confusing on purpose. Read my profile. xD

ohthebloodygore 16

54, that's what I was thinking. English is my 3rd language and I still make more sense than he does.

56- Has it ever occured to you that some people wants to act like an idiot for their own entrainment?

Well, Congrats 54. You're only shy 8 more languages to catch up to my number.

Asynja 4

Euphemism: You say you're "fluent" in 11 languages? The jack of all trades, but the master of none? So, you clearly know when to properly use the word "an", or was that also for your personal entertainment whilst "pretending" to act stupid? Quotation/comma usage fail? ...probably. Not to mention beating a dead horse but I was really enjoying all the bantering.

Just reading all of those comments from Euphemism, I wanted to facepalm so many times. "Look at my profile! It'll explain why I'm so uneducated!" >.> You are an imbecile, and I feel quite sorry for your family for having to put up with you. You are a fail troll, trolls don't admit they're trolling. ;>

Wow, this is... So incredibly off-task...

well when you put anon down as your name...

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Sorry op. but maybe on your next job, you won't have to work for such a jerk :/

Sorry, but you're... OH, AHH, GET TWO TOWELS!!!!! "ejaculates" fired. If you get this obscure reference, you win 8 internets, and if female and attractive in all the meanings of the word, my undying love... or a Hot Pocket. Your choice :).

You have done something incredibly stupid for you to make him waste his own time just to learn your name to get you away from him, Naw just kidding sucks for you

it is not that hard: "A N O N Y M O U S" :)

gusgus36 5