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  flighted  |  1

-.- wow op is dumb. I'd bet they'd drive a car with stilettos on. always leave extra shoes in the car especially if the ones you wear leave you "unable to feel the brakes"

By  TotalPandamonium  |  2

Wow, I've driven with my snow boots on multiple times and could tell how fast I was going. It's not like you couldn't read the speedometer. I could also feel the pedals. YDI for being an idiot.

By  tass919  |  12

what i don't understand is how do you not feel your feet? the reason i would say YDI is because if you can't feel your feet, the boots are too small and cutting off the circulation in your feet, and are now numb. and so YDI because you bought and wore too small shoes. i've driven in all sorts of shoes, including boots, and never "couldn't feel my feet"

  lebrockshard  |  10

#10 he couldn't "feel the pedals". his feet were fine... blood was circulating!!!
learn to read!!
OP: next time wear regular shoes while driving and put on the boots before getting out of the car. i do that with heels :)
so Problem solved!