It's the thought that counts, or something

By Henji - 10/12/2009 22:21 - United States

Today, I gave a girl I like a $200 diamond necklace to express how much she means to me. She gave me a hug and told me she didn't want to lose me as a friend. Nor did she want to lose her new necklace. Today, I got a $200 hug. FML
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YDI for giving a girl that isn't your girlfriend a $200 necklace...

Imagine how much pussy you could've gotten for those 200$ at a strip club. Just sayin'.


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Next time man up and give a pearl necklace instead. Really, did you really think giving a girl that has relegated you to the friend zone a necklace would change anything and she would trust herself into your arms? You would have much better luck telling her you like and want to date her. YDI

mustve been a really bad diamond for only 200 what was it like half a karat?

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I believe it is a dick move when you click reply merely to get your comment on top. It's not like you had something particularly interesting to say. Presumptuous Dicks. Go compensate for your small penis and inability to be heard somewhere else.

You do relize that the size of the diamond is irrelevant right? You can buy a two karat diamond and it be the same price of say,a half a karat. What makes diamonds expensive is the cut and clarity of it. I've seen (I worked in fine jewlery) a three karat diamond solitaire, white gold engagement ring that I wouldn't even want because it had a imperfection that you could see with the naked eye. My engagement ring is a little more then a karat total weight but I love it because the main diamond has really good clairity and is not cloudy. Sometimes size isn't everything... Yea that might be wierd hearing that one, huh? >_<

Maybe you should learn to give gifts out of love, not trying to get sex. I feel bad for her being friends with you if you're so selfish you think every woman is your *****.

Yeah, asshole! Big ups to that girl for handling it so well. What exactly were you expecting? "Oh you've got money, I am yours"? The girl did nothing wrong, she took it as the kind gesture of a friend. Here's a tip for next time: try asking her out on a date before you spend your salary on her.

#93: I always thumbs down those comments, in the vain hope that enough people will do it to get them hidden.

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YDI for thinking you can buy love.

Heck, a half karat is more than that. Plus you have to think of the setting it's in too. Probably got it out of a gumball machine. Or got really screwed over.

115 fails miserably. you've probably never had any type of relationship and says you're waiting for "true love." give me a ******* break. go get laid.

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obviously, 158 is a smart, common sense using person.

when you give such expensive gifts to girls that aren't yours...expect nothing.

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Imagine how much pussy you could've gotten for those 200$ at a strip club. Just sayin'.

YDI for giving a girl that isn't your girlfriend a $200 necklace...

I agree! Why spend that much on someone who doesnt love you?

I agree. See a hooker, $200 would've got you laid, a ******* and herpes.

This. It's all your fault OP. Unless you're dating someone, don't buy them gifts in which you think the price is too much. Once you give a gift, even if it doesn't net you the result you want, you can't, by law, get that back.

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Word. You give a girl a necklace to show her what she means to you. Well now she knows. Mission accomplished. Where's the FML? Should she give it back because you realized you can't buy love?

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I dont see the fml part. Maybe for being dumb enough to buy just a friend a $200 necklace

You are an asshole. You gave her a $200 gift because you want something more, more than a hug and more than a friend. You so deserved this!