By RetailScapegoat - 16/09/2017 20:00

Today, I was fired for job abandonment. Yesterday, my boss told me to go home early because we were so slow. After I reminded him, he laughed and said, "Oh yeah... You're still fired." FML
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By any chance your boss' name is Dick? Sure sounds like something a Dick would do.

sounds like unfair dismissal to me


sounds like unfair dismissal to me

if the job is "at will" there's not much you can do about it

If you work 'at will' and are fired 'for cause' you don't get unemployment insurance. If you are fired without cause you do. As such it's quite important to establish if it was his fault or not.

By any chance your boss' name is Dick? Sure sounds like something a Dick would do.

I smell a wrongful termination law suit! hope u win!

That sounds incredibly illegal.

He fucked up and opened the door for you to crush him in a wrongful termination lawsuit. The so-called “at-will” work states lets bosses fire workers without cause.

Sorry, hit Send too soon. If they do provide cause for firing you, and that is unjustified, you have the right to seek justice!

With some of these FMLs RichardPencil, I wonder how people get through life.

that's a lawsuit...

Maybe he was intentionally setting up a reason for your permanent dismissal... Now you have to work out who else could be conspiring against you... xD

this sounds wrong. I'm pretty sure there's more we aren't being told. job abandonment usually has to be proven with a HR and a whole lot of pre done rigmarol

Get a lawyer!

You should try to find out the real reason. It could be helpful on future jobs