By Anonymous - 07/05/2014 20:57 - India - Kundan

Today, my boss was fired by the board. A few days ago, he dropped several strong hints that he was going to promote me soon. FML
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There's always the chance you'll still get promoted; just to his position.

#3: Because I'm lame and have no life.


There's always the chance you'll still get promoted; just to his position.

How do you manage to be one of the first comments so often?

He presses the refresh button every two minutes!

#3: Because I'm lame and have no life.

Lik if Welshite mad u cry

do we "lik" welshite?

There's plenty of ways to lick Welshite. Most of them questionably legal.

Probably depends on who's doing the questioning? The lickee or the licker?

Use this opportunity to impress the board!

Just keep doing what your doing, if you impressed one boss, hopefully you'll impress the next one. Or...get promoted to THAT job.

yeah but if he impressed the boss that got fired, it might not be saying much.

Omg second time you've made me sound stupid xD

haha. I'm sorry. I don't do it on purpose, I swear! it's just fun to be a dick and take an opposite view of things.

or he was messing with you knowing he might be getting fired soon.

Maybe you will still get promoted... Who knows

Well maybe you'll be getting a bigger promotion then you thought!

Show them you deserve the promotion :)

If the board tries to hire for your bosses job, make sure you fill out an app and make them know you're interested.

I think you've got that the wrong way round.

Question, do people say YDI for no reason?? I don't see how it makes sense to say YDI for this .

badges. accidental button press. they're just jerks. there's all sorts of reasons.

I feel like for this one it's not so bad because OP is keeping the same position; nothing changes. That's not FML.

Hopefully you'll still get promoted! You might just have to try a tad but harder though