By Mommy - 26/06/2011 20:47 - United States

Today, I was driving when a guy in a truck swerved in front of me. I didn't realize I'd sworn until I'd come to a red light and my one year old daughter yelled her own version of what I said. She now yells "Chicken in the hole!" whenever the car comes to a stop. FML
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77- you misspelled *smart. Ironic?


JustinThunder 8

she did swear. the mom just didnt post what it actually was....

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" daughter yelled her own version of what I said." And that's where you're wrong. :P

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at least she's not yelling "Female Dog!" every time the car comes to a hault :)

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where is there a dick in a hole????

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The job is not complete until she is taught how to honk the horn and flip the guy off. Get to work OP, a dad of the year mug is waiting for you

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Actually, it would 'Mommy' of the year..

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its a mommy not a daddy dude

so is it a "mommy dude" then? prepostorous. anyways you should probably get that chicken out of the whole he fights well when he's angry, ask Peter griffin.

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i sense a revolution coming... the birds have left the coup, coming to peck at the remains of their once great civilization... you have been forewarned... the battle starts here, keyboard warriors... good luck...

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There are no women on the Internet. until I see her driving while holding the baby, her birth certificate in one hand, starbucks mug in her crotch, yelling at the car infront of her while doing her make up, putting a new cd in the stereo and texting her baby daddy I'm just not convinced

thank you rallets. I raise my iPhone in salute to your speech of battle. the knights who say nee are preparing to strike at any moment. also. to the previous comment, there are certain secret agents on the internet called girls. which stands for guy in real life

71 = win....they do not poop and are not start enough to work the internets

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77- you misspelled *smart. Ironic?

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I'm thinking she said frickin' asshole. freakin' sounds closer to chicken than ******.

I was thinking she said "SHIT!.....Asshole." and the kid thought she said "chicken in the hole". I don't know about you, but I usually say "Shit!" when something happens that could hit/hurt me.

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women are smart enough to do anything they want dumbass

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Actually, 65, I think it is spelled hole, not whole. A chicken in a whole? Preposterous. Anyway, it's hard to tell what she really said, but still funny. :)

dude why did yu go to father? r yu thinking about yourself?

150- you* are* you* . Also, your sentence does not make sense

or she can DUCK tape her mouth shut, get it chicken,duck. that was extremely useless and not funny one bit. :) haha I CRACK myself up...get it crack, egg ? ok I'm just going to stop now ;)

#158, Too bad there are people who will actually think you are making a serious correction. If I had a penny for every time someone has told me that it's not duct tape, it's duck... I'd have a shit ton of small change.

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176 - Yeah, you know those ducks need their tape, I wouldn't **** with them. ;)

where does it indicate that she is a women

its obviously a woman driving because women are terrible drivers. proven by, Tosh.0

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158, duck tape is the name brand for duct tape, so duck tape is duct tape but duct tape isn't duck tape

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176- There is a brand called Duck tape. it comes in a shit ton of colors. I just saw it at Walgreens.

haha I never even thought of that, that ***** the ****.

They do actually have Duck tape now... It's a brand of duct tape that is colorfully decorated! :) They have it at Wal-Mart

obviously you aren't either. you're a really bad speller. it's supposed to be smart not start. that makes no sense. duh

158-It was once called duck tape because it was waterproof, then they changed the name when they started using it to repair ducts

Precisely why teenage boys' insurance is higher than girls' Idgit

Duct tape, turning "no, no, no" into "mm, mm, mm" since ______?

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Are you stupid? It's not bad parenting, kids can pick up more words and sayings from TV, friends and anything someone says.

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dick in my hole? thats what I yell when my life is in danger.

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I laughed so hard at all of these comments. hahahahaha.

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umm did she/he say thy it was bad parenting ? um neo

AmericanRedcoat 6's just meth...honestly, he can quit whenever he wants..... right buddy?....

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29 - it's an app on the iPod called OldBooth

No, he's just a leper. They have Internet in leper camps now.

Mae ei llun yn dod o'r cais AgingBooth America. Mae ei wyneb yn debyg iawn.

Hy guys what's up? Some of the Welsh people gotta here this OK?

Children pick up everything you don't want them to hear. D: YDI, but that's unfortunate.

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well I haven't heard my mom curse until I was driving with my permit. :) so 15.

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a 1 yr old can say chicken in the hole huh..

Yeah, a child's vocabulary does grow you know. My one year old sister can say, chicken etc. Not uncommon.

5 I once saw a little baby that was talking to his dad in a stroller (the baby was in the stroller not the dad) and he was saying Baby-"You're a mother ******!" Dad-"No you're a mother ******." Baby-"You're a mother ******." It was funny as hell. I was laughing so hard. It's a true story and the best part was it was at Disney World.

I went to some chick's sleepover when I was 9, and the chick's little sister (about 2) ran around the house screaming, "SHUT YOUR ******* MOUTH!" Later on, the kid pulled a bookshelf over on herself. That birthday party sucked hard.

101 was it a sleepover birthdayparty? You said it was a sleepover at first and then birthday party and it kinda confused me.

Yeah, it was a sleepover birthday party. Did I mention one girl had goddamn LICE?

Not uncommon for a 1-year-old to be able to say any/all of those individual words, but to be able to produce a whole phrase at that age would be pretty out of the ordinary.

my daughter at the Age of 1 had an extensive vocabulary so yeah they can and will say stuff of that nature!!

Even if a child of that age couldn't string together a full sentence they can still mimic what you say. If they don't understand the words you're using they substitute similar sounding words that they do know.

yeah my 1 yr old can talk... but what did u say? ****** asshole?

48 - Should I bother to point out how the 1-year old seemed to have way more common sense than the dad? The kid spoke the truth, the dad was just being a poor sport. Typical.

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thats not what you actually said though right? ... wait ... what did you say? **** someone tell me?

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It could've been "fricken asshole"

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*chicken outside of the hole

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Oh, good lord. Someone put an end to this fuckery.

That doesn't rhyme with "chicken in the hole" at all.

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No silly, that doesn't sound anything like "chicken in a hole!"

At least your daughter doesn't actually swear. This isn't really an FM, would be if she was swearing though.

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this is irrelevant, but i just wanted to say that you have a beautiful cat.