By Kathryn - 13/08/2011 10:31 - Belgium

Today, I was driving my twin daughters to school, when I accidentally honked my horn. I told them it was an accident, then one of my kids said she already knew, because I didn't yell "ASSHOLE!" afterwards. FML
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You must be a great rolemodel.

teach em young. its better that way.


You must be a great rolemodel.

Why was the information of twin nessacary?

Uh, because it was one of them that said the punchline? dummy.

Your Parenting Skills Seem Legit

Would've loved to be your kid! Haha!

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I remember some one else posting the exact same thing... Fake and gay.

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She's observant. You have raised her well.

And ur profile picture is ???? huh....

teach em young. its better that way.

Oh yeah. Just wait, by the time they're old enough to drive they'll have aggressive driving and road rage down!

I wish my horn screamed "asshole" so I don't have to. (I'm from South Africa, lots of bad drivers here)

Might as well teach'em proper driving at a young age, right?

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They're females, statistically they need all the learning opportunities they can get when it comes to motor vehicles...

Down vote all you want but you all secretly know he's right.

That sucks fyl

You're friend with the mother in Jay and silent Bob strike back?

Your twin daughters work?

Wow. OP sounds like a bitch.

Or just a great role model!

64 makes a good point-_-

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They have to be exposed to the world, sooner better than later.

Awesome. Sounds like me...