By bruised_scrotum - 15/05/2014 17:08 - South Africa - Johannesburg

Today, I had to inform a patient that she has an STD. She reacted by kicking me in the nuts. FML
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Always gotta blame the bearer of bad news -_-


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ChristianH39 30

Yea, assault the one who gave you the news rather than the one who have you the std. Makes sense to me

I don't think that should really be considered a legitimate way to solve her stress. Especially when you could have an STD and get put in jail for assault.

blackman100 20

Yeah, don't shoot the messenger and all. Definitely the wrong person getting kicked.. Unless in some crazy cinematic twist they were sleeping together.. But I feel like that would've been interesting enough to mention in the FML..

Always gotta blame the bearer of bad news -_-

Shrouds 14

Invest in a cup. Every public servant with hanglows should. :)

Where do I get these hanglows? Although if they are like glow sticks and you have to snap them to make the start I don't want them :p

Cups don't always help. Sure, it helps, but it still hurts like hell getting hit.

The messenger is always shot, or in this case, kicked. FYL OP!

Lebeaugars95 20

Tough conversation to have! And probably even tougher to hear.

She definitely should have kicked herself. It's not your fault she got an STD, sorry OP.

What if he and the "patient" have been "playing doctor" if you know what I mean ;) "Doctor, I have this burning sensation in my loins and a fluttering in my chest, but it only happens when I look at you." "Hmm. I've seen this before. There's only one thing to do. Now I need you to get undressed. No you won't be needing that robe." BOW CHICKA WOW WOW!

You can try, but I don't have any. ;p

Well, at least SOMEONE appreciates my humor.