By k - 09/06/2012 21:35 - United Kingdom - Telford

Today, while driving home from work, I noticed the driver next to me was happily chatting on her phone. I fucking despise these would-be murderers, so I slammed my horn to signal my disgust. She panicked and swerved straight into my car. FML
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KBear3109 29

Never startle a distracted driver, YDI.

Hahah... Should've known better


blondebrunette11 4

Asian drivers nowadays...

IAmClay 24


Hahah... Should've known better

Trisha_aus 15

Why not chat after you're home safe? Jeez, I equally hate these 'would-be murderers'

If your eyes were on her then they were not on the road. You caused the accident with an unwarranted honk so YDI.

Just as I hate these idiots who don't use a hands free device, idiots like you are no better. There was no reason to use your horn, you got what you deserved. Sadly, it will likely have to be her insurance to pay for your stupidity. On a side note: is it against the law in the OPs area to not use a hands-free device if anyone happens to have that knowledge?

44- In the UK, it is illegal to drive while using a mobile phone unless using a hands-free kit.

It's illegal to talk on the phone If you have to hold the phone. It is also illegal to answer the phone by touching it even of you have hands free connected. They even get funny about it when you're parked up and your foot is on the brake pedal and you're talking on the phone. A friend of mine got done for that. It's a bitch of a law lol

Uuuh I think it's like 99% of earth 030

And now you get oodles of money from her insurance... Complain complain.

"would be murderer" is an interesting way of putting it...

debbster7 18

How did you not see that one coming?

ulis_fml 6

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simplylost643 0

#116- It's illegal in Chicago, hands free devices only.

bertman21 5

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She shouldn't be talking its her fault. The two most dangerous driving things is sleepy driving and distracted driving.

fylx100 19

It's legal here in Florida... I've even seen my high school bus driver sometimes call or text while driving lol

173 - What about impaired driving?

160- Not in the slightest. Your reaction time when texting is SEVERELY reduced. You cannot 'know' how doing it, and even if you can text without looking, it still reduces your reaction time. Talking on the phone is the same as texting without looking.

My thinking is worst! Here in Cali that's all I see when I'm driving!!!! Even on the freeway... Omg that's so dangerous!! They are harming others and themselves. It's like seriously that text messages can wait.

*****texting**** Ugh autocorrect

Shadowvoid 33

You are a dumbass, he said that.

194- I hope that stupid comment is not for me, at the time his comment wasn't there so take a chill pill it's not the end of the world bro.

I got hit by a person who was talking on their phone while driving. At a fucking stop sign, too.

ulis_fml 6

My truck got hit in a school parking lot, while parked, by a teenager. She wasn't using a phone. Apparently she just didn't know how to park her truck. Teenagers and talking on the phone *shudders*.

Seabeast1000 4

Exactly the same in my town in Kansas, heck I even see a few cops talking on the phone and driving. Lol

fromthesuck 8

I always worry about where the line is drawn with these new phones though. You're allowed to use a GP in your car in many places. Well, most new phones have a GP about them. So do I ever have to worry about the other's disputing liability simply because google maps on the phone at the time?

Illegal in UK and Cali. Moron.

#116- it is illegal in many of states in the US, but not in Alaska,Chicago, or a few others.

KBear3109 29

261- Chicago isn't a state.

Texting while driving is illegal in NC, but we are allowed to talk on the phone and drive. That isn't against the law... yet.

Sanch101 7

160 - various studies have shown that talking on a phone whilst driving and not using a hands free device is actually worse than driving whilst over the drink drive limit.

67, uhh not even 99% of the world have mobile phones, some places may not have cars so no. it's not 99% of the world.

Um, you know it's not as safe right? These people conducted a test, where they did two runs. First run: Without texting. Second run: With texting. The guy swerved into almost every traffic cone texting while driving.

I think one thing to remember is that the OP was watching this woman talk on the phone instead of focusing on the road. He was mad because she was being 'distracted'. I'm missing his reasoning for being mad, especially when he was the one not looking at the road in the first place.

Youngnut18 6

YDI for honking your horn. Contrary to popular belief, car horns aren't meant for being used rudely and as a result of road-rage. It's there to alert someone if you are driving and they either don't see you or they're driving recklessly towards you/someone else in a manner that demands intervention. Douche

Don't really see how talking on the phone is different with or without a hands free headset. All you people spouting about how terrible it is... right, I'm sure you've NEVER drunk anything in your car before. I'm sure you've never been the person driving with a hand out your window. You've never reached over and rested your hand on your ladies leg before, ohhh no. Don't be so judgmental. Texting on the other hand.. Don't fucking do that shit, it's dangerous.

It's also illegal in California and Nevada

stephanie8sasha 4

Only in certain areas, like California, they are so serious about that law. But where I live, it's not a big deal at all.

Lludes 5

It not illegal in Fl to drive and talk on the phone.

Ninjasaurus18 9

28- Sea! Someone on this site has the least bit of sense in their heads! How do you think that talking on the phone, which means one hand on the wheel, while driving is a good idea? Why are the people of the world so stupid, these days? You didn't see people writing letters while steering their horse and buggies in the olden days, did you? Because someone could get hurt.

Ninjasaurus18 9

337- She distracted him, too because he was concerned about what she'd do. So it's her fault all the way.

qbert12 3


397 - She may have assumed others could mind their own business, so she didn't intend to distract anyone. OP, on the other hand, honked his horn in an obnoxious manner with the intent of getting the woman's attention, thereby taking said attention off the road. OP WILLINGLY distracted her, and had s/he thought for one second, s/he could have realized that slamming on the horn could scare a careful driver with two hands on the wheel and cause an accident - doing the same to a driver who has already been shown to be careless is asking for a wreck.

They say we did these tests at a cost of 100,000$ or more and they are going to say what the government says to say. Just like eggs were bad for you now they aren't. So use common sense

beastiness 14

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missymay993 11

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dominic1221 6

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3 Is that a question?

59- OP said she was "happily chatting". I doubt that would mean she's on the phone for an emergency... But I get what you're saying as well.

beastiness 14

It doesn't make sense a driver distracted so you lay on the horn and scare the shit out of them, yeah that makes absolutely no sense

xStaciexLynnx 15

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wanna_bee 8

63. Id know if it was an emergency. I have the hospital on speed dial. So it would automatically show up as HOSPITAL with the caption below it as emergency. So no you don't have to be psychic.

Obviously! You don't blow your horn at someone who is already distracted. It's stupid and, well, you make the person freak and crash.

WOW if you can't handle a surprise don't drive. Example deer jumping out of woods kids running into streets ect. As a rule I learned in driving class expect the un expected. Yes my grammar is probably horrid.

129 my ex got hit in the crosswalk by someone on a cell phone, They ran the red light and kept going.

170 yes I know you should be ready for a surprise but you really shouldn't be the one to cause it.

kittenvks 11

179- that's a surprise. Distracting yourself by talking on the phone makes you less responsive to said surprise like you're mentioning so the driver is a dumb bitch and deserved it as well. OP however.... Let's see here's the thought process "oh look at that bitch not paying attention, talking on her phone! If she's surprised she could kill someone! How dare she! I think what I'll do is surprise her, surely nothing bad will happen! *honks horn*" also a YDI

Then you haven't heard about the man and his daughter that got killed walking down the street by some kid driving and talking on her cell phone...

176- lol that's why he's your ex right?

There's a reason it's illegal, though - it's dangerous.

Sanch101 7

In the UK it is illegal to use a mobile phone without using a hands free device so the OP was actually indicating to the person breaking the law that they were doing that.

63, where the hell did you get her boyfriend calling to ask how to fuck himself in the ass from? rage over?

You are such a dumbass. She obviously isn't, because I honk at people, you might honk at people (if you can even pass a DMV test), everyone honks. You defiantly need to go back to school.

You obviously don't drive. See, she honked to get the drivers attention.

Who cares? It's illegal because it kills what a rubbish driver she must have been to panic and swerve because of a horn!! Says it all - phone morons will be banned by 2018 for a year in the U.K. So hopefully "dumbass" Americans can do what they do best and follow on after?

KBear3109 29

Never startle a distracted driver, YDI.

Maybe OP will learn that a horn is not for showing disgust. Horns are designed to get attention. If you were already concerned that she was divided, what could you possibly have hoped to accomplish by dividing it further?

Seriously. He shows his disgust for one dangerous behavior with another. And I hate drivers who feel like they need to teach everyone a lesson.

CaramelMacchiato 13

I hate drivers with road rage. The OP needs to calm down. What goes around comes around, buddy!

It is also illegal to honk for no reason what so ever. Such as OP did. It is only meant for certain situations such as, your breaks quit working and you are about to run into someone. Or other things along that line of an accident about to happen. Just because she was on her phone OP doesn't mean an accident was going to happen. In this case I really hope the poor lady states you laid on the horn for no reason, that there was no accident about to happen as she went into "get out of the way" mode when you startled her because she thought she was about to be hit, & that you receive the ticket for aggressive driving. Just because she was breaking the law does not mean because it "angers" you that you have the right to become an outraged driver and break the law yourself.

Anyone who voted YDI is dumb. I am a teenager and it's because dumbasses who think driving while distracted are the reason insurance is so high. Also where I live it's illegal to drive while distracted. Anyone who is going to vote this down is either a lowlife or plain stupid.

KBear3109 29

112- It's also illegal to use your horn improperly.

xStaciexLynnx 15

112- The reason insurance is so high is because you have less experience and knowledge. Don't get on your high horse without knowing what you're saying. The majority of phone related accidents are not necessarily with younger people since young people need much less focus to use their phone (since they generally know them like the back of their hand). Not that's its true for everyone but I've only ever had near accidents with elderly drivers or distracted middle age drivers.

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Llamacod 11

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LunaBee3105 3

112 you are my hero- i was so surprised how many people voted YDI; what that women was doing IS dangerous cause it takes attention away from the road. Her diminished capacity to pay attention and handle the road safely was proven by the mere fact that a honk freaked her out so much :/

112) I only voted you down cause that last part made it too hard to resist :)

kittenvks 11

112 everyone down voted you because you're an idiot and make no sense 177- the OP got down voted because surprising the distracted driver and then getting pissed when she runs into you is stupid. It's like putting your hand in a fire and expecting not to get burned.

I beg you all not to think all teenagers are like 112.

177- All I read was your first sentence before I decided you needed to be thumbed down.

I didn't know that was illegal! Lots of ppl in souther Florida should be getting tickets XP

Sorry I meant this reply to 101's comment

Well, I don't see why she would get that started to swerve into his car. Oh wait, she was driving while distracted. Yes OP honked his horn at her, but she shouldn't get that startled and swerve into another car. She needs a driving lesson and OP needs anger management classes. I'd say the blame is 40% his fault and 60% hers.

alisidewinder 9

Anyone who doesn't think she/he deserve, it is moronic. Lets startle an already distracted driver to teach her/him a lesson, what could possibly go wrong? Its drivers go have road rage that needs to get off the road, they are just as dangerous if not more, cause they are aware of their actions, but do not care about who gets hurt and want to lash out against someone.

Sanch101 7

No 228 it was a perfectly legal action within the UK towards someone who was breaking a well publicised law (a couple of weeks ago, there was a report about a 17 year old killing a family of four because she was on the phone whilst driving).

hiandrews69 29

Are you kidding me? That broad should have been arrested, or at the very least had her license revoked. I applaud op for making a point. If we took punishing distracted drivers seriously, it could prevent up to 90% of accidents, ultimately saving hundreds of thousands of lives. Keep making excuses for them? They'll keep talking on their phones.

btstig 11

If y'all would have had the same Allstate agent. You could have been connected.

Angelwings31 4

OP is British, I don't think allstate is available in the U.K

Very true, but this was a referral to the "humorous" commercial lol

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Mount pleasant Steve?

Like mp3 but mpsteve. I'm an audio file

Never ever calling an mp3 mp3 again. Gonna be mpsteve from now on:)

AlexM42 5

Actually it's audiophile and any true audiophile knows that mp3 is a shitty lossy format, you want real quality? Try flac or apple lossless.

68, someone other than me knows about high quality music? Agreed that mp3 is horrid. About the same as a scratchy old record. Something about them sounds like a spoon in a tin can. Some faith in humanity is restored.

68- I don't think he meant that he's an "audiophile".... I think he meant like an actual FILE. Like.mp3, .Docs, etc.? :/.....

kittenvks 11

What's a "lossy"?

"lossy 'compression' is a data encoding method that compresses data by discarding (losing) some of it."

#91 When some people don't recognize a quality issue in regards to an mpsteve, you lose faith in humanity? Oh no, some people cannot distinguish audio in ways which compliment and completely agree with your assessments! Humanity is dooooooooomed! Doomed I say!!!!! >.>; You're not even giving people a chance if this is true of you.

mpsteve vs flac? mpsteve wins hands down

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Wtf does being blonde have to do with anything?

marisadc79 0

I'm sorry I'm blonde and a woman and in the almost 17 years I've had a license I've not once ever caused an accident knock on wood. You're a pathetic stereotypical loser.

26 Maybe a conversation about blonde hair. What? You said anything.....

umm excuse me? so being on the phone and being a bad driver is Now associated with being blonde. wow. its funny because Ive been driving for 2 years no accident and I can drive a log truck. so. umm. fuck you.

Wow! Two whole years?! -_-

7) you sir ain't nothing but a common stereotype, and it's people like you that are a menace to modern days society, why can't you just go die in a hole.

HairyPunisher 27

It's true. Women are terrible, terrible drivers.

kaymi 17

Dang that sucks. I want to do that to a lot of idiot people who text while on the highway but I'm afraid of that exact thing to happen. Thanks for posting so I wont distract them more than they already are. FYL

I don't think she will be chatting while driving for a while now hehehe

dcg1375 7

I don't think OP will be honking at chatting drivers for awhile now hehehe

Your heart was in the right place but that wasn't the right thing to do.

OP's heart was in the right place by unnecessarily slamming on their horn just to let someone know they had a problem? Reminds me of stupid girls who will text you to say "just so you know, I'm ignoring you".