By Tom Ali - 10/01/2012 20:50 - United States

Today, while driving to my girlfriend's house, I passed up a stop sign without stopping. A car passing by honked. I honked back several times and flipped them the finger. Turns out it was my girlfriend's dad trying to say hi. FML
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Why would you honk back at someone if YOU didn't stop at a stop sign?

If anything he should've flipped YOU off for driving like a dumbass. Have fun explaining to your girlfriend what happened.

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OP you're lucky you didn't end up killing him in a car accident for blowing off a stop sign. People like you make driving dangerous and kill innocent people in accidents. YDI.

OP, what I don't understand is why you would get mad at someone honking at you when you're the one who ran the stop sign

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And this is why my brother advises me, no matter what happens, to never give the middle finger while driving.

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Hahaha, that's so funny. Kinda your fault, though.

Dumbass* wow now I feel stupid must contagious...

No wonder there are so many death stories about car accidents on the News. Its people like you who ruin te lives of so many, OP. Think

What the **** is wrong with you? You idiot! Because of you someone might lose their loved ones !

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Holy shit! 136 has a pokéball! Where can k buy these? Oh topic: hey OP... ,,|,,

I agree with 59. There's a reason that stop sign is there. I hate when people drive like idiots. It's nearly gotten me into many accidents. You deserve it for being a dumbass driver and getting upset when he honked at you. Even if he WAS honking because you didn't stop at the stop sign, he'd just be trying to make the road a bit safer.

177- To be fair, you are 16 and inexperienced (seeing as you've only been driving for maybe half a year) so if you have almost gotten into many accidents, I think it's safe to say that you can't place all the blame on the other drivers, although I do agree that there are some horrible drivers out there that shouldn't be allowed on the road.

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I dont feel bad for the OP one bit! Theres no need to flip someone off when you were in the wrong. I hope her dad hates you now :)

73, someone gave me the finger during traffic recently because I was close to her car (like every other car is during traffic). She even stepped out of her car while we were moving to yell at me though I couldn't hear her. People can be crazy on the road.

280- so you insist to act crazy like her and give fingers to people as well? Be the bigger person on the road. Yeah, people are crazy. Better for you to ignore it and drive off than for someone to get hurt.

thanks to his stupidity he's not getting screwed period.

Even if you told him you didnt know who it was your still fcked up. Who fingers at someone because they honked at you once for making a mistake??

Wow. I feel bad for the girlfriend's father.

You know who's screwed? The person this ******** kills one day because he's an irresponsible driver. But I'm sure it wouldn't be his fault, he'd probably just give the guy lying on the road the finger, beep his horn a few times because he's in the way, then when somebody drags the guys corpse out of his way drive off happily knowing that at least it wasn't his girlfriends dad, or his reputation would be fried!

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I say he should lose his license. I mean to get pissed at someone wheN HE'S the person that messed up....just amazes me.

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YDI for two things. Take some anger management classes and learn how to ******* drive.

Wait so OP is a moron. That's what I'm hearing, you drove illegally and you were angry at somone who could have been alerting you to your bad driving and it wasnt even that it just happens to be somone you know and you couldn't recognize them or their car? I think your blind and you didn't miss the sign you couldn't see it. MORON

That's an under statement for what this guy is, who doesn't look to see who's repeatedly honking at them? Not to mention not looking at who you're flipping off, that's weak bro.

As someone who just had a family member killed by someone running a stop sign, I can easily say that he's not just an ass, he's a potential murderer.

I'm so sorry #229. My mother recently got hit by a car, but luckily she only broke her kneecap. She'll recover in 2 months, but you situation is much worse. I hope you're feeling better from the incident

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This has YDI all over it! Kindness is key! And your lack of it just got you on Dads shit list..

Lol, I was going to say the same thing but nicer and with more rambling. ;) Think I'll just sit back and push the YDI button on this one. :)

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Uh, actually it's his girlfriends father, not his.

Maybe 7 is OP's dad, so she is calling him dad.

#7 never said "your dad's", she just said "Dad's" and it's pretty obvious that she was referring to the girlfriend's father.

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I guess I'm gonna have to start breaking it down and getting really specific with my words.. I'll rephrase it for you. This FML has "YOU DESERVED IT" all over it. Kindness is the key to everything. And OPs lack of kindness got him on to his girlfriends fathers shit list. (The list of people he is not very fond of) That is what my original comment meant.

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Hopefully he isn't a heavy weight UFC fighter.. If he is three things will happen. 1) you're ****** 2) hope to Jesus Christ you make it out alive 3)try to make it out of the country. Good luck :)

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Oh and if he isn't.. That still blows.

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187- I'm still trying to figure out how "'hope to Jesus you make it out alive' will happen".. Or "'try to make it out of the country' will happen".. I understand the "you're f***ed" thing will, actually, may happen.. But the other two are confusing..

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I love watching a conversation get just really off topic. :D Going from Desiree's YDI to her explaining her meaning in Detail, to asking about a bad mma fighter reference, and now to her gorgeous eyes. Yes, it's lovely she has both of them. ;) (Takes a closer look) Green and mischievous! And more than anything, she is craving.....a pizza. Of that, I am quite sure. :) Fine, I'll go with it: Desiree, you have nice eyes. Cute toes too! ;P Bleh.

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Sarcasm is acceptable.. Just make sure that it makes sense... Which your comment had a huge lack of..

Yes, because the natural inclination is that, when honked at, you give someone the bird -.- great going OP

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It SHOULD'VE been a cop.....those guys never seem to be around when you need one :P

Oh shit, that's unlucky for you. But then again, your a douchebag for behaving like that considering YOU were in the wrong for running a stop sign. Silly drivers these days.

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You're a piece of shit & you shouldve got hit by a truck on the drive's side.

For having some road rage? Don't you think that's a little drastic? That's like saying "you stepped on my foot. I hope your house burns down and your whole family including you burns to death."

I'm not saying this isn't a YDI, but that's a little extreme don't you think?

i dont think so because op could have put other innocent peoples lives in danger for his stupidity.

126-Stepping on someones foot isn't against the law... So it's not the same. And I like how you used something like death for stepping on a shoe I found what you said to be stupid in my opinion.

126 - stepping on someone's foot isnt potentially putting someone else's life in danger like you do when you run a stop side. Too many people die because of pieces of shit running lights or signs like op.