By John - 22/08/2009 05:05 - United States

Today, I took my 15 year old daughter driving. I yelled at her for not going safely around corners. On the way home, while demonstrating how to drive right, I went around a corner and hit a cement truck. FML
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I feel sorry for your daughter having such a shit teacher.

You really shouldn't criticize someone, especially your daughter, when the same thing could potentially happen to you. YDI


You really shouldn't criticize someone, especially your daughter, when the same thing could potentially happen to you. YDI

It's funny, because I'm 15 and my parents finally let me drive a car for the first time in my life yesterday, and then yelled at me for not doing it right.

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YES! Haha. My dad yelled at me constantly for not being very safe(my first few days) driving. He's ran a couple red lights(that I know of), gotten into 3 accidents, and done some stuff that's not safe, not right, or illegal that I can't remember. All after my first driving lesson. YDI =) Or maybe that's just my issues with my father making me biased.

YDI for bad grammar. Only a yank would write "drive right". ****.

YDI for not getting your wife an abortion 15 years and 9 months ago.

umm, cement mixer indicates it is only mixing cement, just one ingredient of concrete. so it should be concrete mixer

Who said there was concrete in it? it could have just been cement.

I feel sorry for your daughter having such a shit teacher.

This. Unfortunately you have to be the one teaching her, OP. It's not looking good for her future. YDI moron.

My dad is the same, even now, when I'm really close to taking the test he still yells at me for every little thing. You deserved it, and please, try to stay calm while she's driving.

daughter wins... but seriously you sounds like an unstable person with poor coordination FYL

This is why parents should not teach learner were the same once, idiot.

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amen to that, my dad was such a jerk when we tried having him teach me to drive. when a person's been driving so long, they forget that it actually is difficult and scary when you're new to it. he never wanted to take me out to practice and then got mad that i wasn't improving. finally i said **** it and paid for an instructor.

But um, an instructor was a learner once too...?

But they don't personally know you so it's easier to separate yourself from them to learn

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I wanna marry your daughter. :D

op was trying to teach his daughter how to drive. quit saying HDI. no1 does. he was just trying to teach his daughter how to safely drive.

Doesn't mean he had to be a jerk. Manners don't cost a thing.

dude. sometimes you got to tell them how to do it. maybe he told her to do it but she did it so wrong that it could have gotten them killed... my dad did the same thing to me once but i learned after....

#27 you realize that yelling and screaming at a driver - especially a new one - is extremely hazardous as well?

sorry #27 but that would make it worse, yes she did it wrong but learners make mistakes you can't expect them to be experts straight away. My dad yelled at me to much when i was learning so i stopped and only had them with my mum.

dudeitsdanny 9

#27: When my dad yelled at me while I was driving for making a quick turn... I effed up worse. In the time he spent yelling, I ran 2 stop signs, and almost got hit by a truck.. Then one time he yelled at me for running a stop sign that wasn't there... And I almost hit someone.

Hahah the same thing happened to my dad when he was teaching me to drive, only he just hit a curb. Hope no one was hurt!

I hope that teaches you not to be an ass to your daughter for her next lesson. In fact, do her a favor and pay for someone else to teach her. YDI.

You dont need an instructor, it's just better. I learned how to drive from my dad when I was 13, and I can drive fine from those lessons and rules he taught me.

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Oh you totally friggin deserved it. Being a 15 year old driver myself, I know what its like to hear yelling and screaming while you're trying to stay calm. It doesn't work out very well. So I think this was God's way of saying, "Lay off the PMS pedal, dad!"