The Thin White Duke

By DJ Clitter - 16/04/2012 19:35 - United States

Today, I was in the car with my daughter when I narrowly missed hitting a car after running a stop sign. After she screamed at me and demanded to know what I was doing, I had to admit that I'd been daydreaming about David Bowie. FML
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Not only did you almost endanger your daughter, you almost endangered other drivers. People like you don't deserve to have your license.

I don't blame you. David Bowie's one sexy beast ;)


At least you didn't crash

Doesn't matter, had daydream sex.

I can't tell you how many near misses I've been in cuz David Bowie and/or Prince.

What's sad is that he's a guy... Guys daydreaming about guys isn't exactly normal.

Anyone else find OP's name funny? And on another note you didn't HAVE to tell her that you were you could've lied about it

Guys, guys, guys! You're all missing the point! The reason it is an FML because her DAD had to admit to his daughter that he was daydreaming about David Bowie... ANOTHER GUY!!

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on

Good ol' dad must have seen Bowie's bulge in Labyrinth...

David Bowie is very sexy but why on Earth would you admit to your daughter that? You could've just said you weren't thinking straight.

"weren't thinking straight" .. and he's a man thinking about another man. I like the pun, even though it may be unintentional.

Seriously? Hahahaha.

Was that worth posting? Seriously? Hahahahha no.

David Bowie is awesome.

You sound about as bad as the damn 80 year old drivers.

Did you mean 'like 80% of all drivers'? It's not just me that thinks no one can drive right? I mean, it aint that hard, you point in the right direction, put your foot on the gas and let other people know what you're doing. Right?

116 - People panic and do stupid things - we all do it.

Not only did you almost endanger your daughter, you almost endangered other drivers. People like you don't deserve to have your license.

Lucky there wasn't a cop around the corner, my luck there would.

Nice one. Idiot.

At least let her near death experience not be in be in vain. Bad mom!

if she died listening to David Bowie, her death will take her to a beautiful place. *tear*

Surprised to see that OP is a man...

I couldn't figure out how this was an FML until I saw that. How embarrassing.

Bowie is male, but he was so avante-garde in his art and style that he was purely genderless in face. you cant blame ANYONE for fantasizing. besides, who said OP was dreaming of sex? he could have been reminiscing on a drug induced haze he was in at a concert.

can't count the number of times I've heard a guy say "yeah I'm straight but I wouldn't mind having a go with David Bowie..."

People, OP is a guy. Not a woman.

shh. hush. don't make it easier for them to attempt masking their ignorance and allow them to be their stupid fuckhat selves.

94- What, so everyone who didn't notice OP's gender is an ignorant stupid fuckhat? Cool.

^ in other words....yes

I don't blame you. David Bowie's one sexy beast ;)

Doesn't change the fact that Bowie is a sexy, sexy man.

A sexy man with a sexy voice.

59- Maybe he's gay.

102 - I'm not gay, but I'd do Bowie in an instant. And my girlfriend would understand.

111, I'm pretty sure "I'd have sex with a man" and "I'm not gay" are mutually exclusive.

All exceptions are made for Bowie.

I agree with 111. Finding Bowie attractive does not equal gay.

Even men can't resist the Bowie. :)

Indeed. Bowie overrides sexuality. Man, woman, doesn't matter. Bowie

liking your comment ramped it up to 69!

Obviously he isn't ugly to her. Your opinion isn't the same as everyone elses.