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Today, a friend posted the Facebook status "Ahhh... relief." Trying to be funny, I replied "Why? Did you just poop?" A few hours later, I read her previous posts and found out her dad's in the hospital having heart surgery. Now everyone thinks I'm a heartless dick. FML
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balest22 0

well that's okay. I mean how would u know that though. Every1 makes mistakes like that.

well all u can do is to delete that badass comment..


balest22 0

well that's okay. I mean how would u know that though. Every1 makes mistakes like that.

notsocrazee 0

either way poop isn't that funny.

uglyyness 0

how could you be so heartless? *turns off kanye west music* now, seriously though, you heartless dick.

If your dick has a heart, you got more problems

my dick doesn't have a heart either. shit

you can always delete any comment you make on Facebook.. go delete it problem solved

BeautyMonster 17

74 - Who's going to delete it from everyones minds?

Thunderbender 2
zendaddy0 0

wait if guys think out their dicks is it rude to ask them to blow your mind?

or you could say she gave me a heart attack

your picture with that comment is perfect

almostalbino 10

It depends... everyone here is in the matrix right?

HaloReachIsCool 6

atleast you are not a dickless heart

Alex94xela 0

o.o dicks aren't supposed to have hearts? I should probably get it checked out. I thought it would help with the blood flow.

nitewlf12 10

Yeah. I mean everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days. you know what I'm talking about cause everybody gets that way.

OhSoBueno 0

18- I read the comment then looked at the picture then pictured Jim Carrey saying ****** with tape all around his face then I Lol'

why does patrick look like a pedo in that picture?

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cryssycakesx3 22

1 OP would know that by taking a few moments to look at her previous posts instead of acting like a 4 year old and giggling at the word poop.

cherrybitches 6

this why you stop to think before saying something

randiZ25 0

you " chicken in the hole."

2-why would Op have to think about what she was saying in this circumstance?

this is FML not a group of consultant commentators that tell the OP what try should have done. try hell for that one buddy.

SunDropGirl 0

56 you just made me laugh so hard!!

imthatguythatdid 0

wow you guys are all just saying " good one 56 " because one person started saying that. I know this is gonna get thumbs down buy it's true.

Ok.. and?? Unless you're on Facebook every five seconds, it's not like you could've known what she was referring to... say sorry and get over it, no biggie!

Good point.. this is why I read previous updates just in case. :P

TheRealTallGuy 3
cryssycakesx3 22

*or* the previous posts just show on your newsfeed.

well all u can do is to delete that badass comment..

how can my comment got a thumb down?isnt it a great idea ? :(

The rest of the world doesn't really care.

cicinyc 7

Hahaha 18- that made my day:)

danielreader22 4

Well that's funny, OP. Because you are.

Me too. In fact, as I read the FML for the first time, when I reached the "Ah, relief..." part, I couldn't think of anything but poop!

36 I'll be your brain amd help you think of other things then relief and poop (that sounds weird). Okay here's a list of what else OP could've said (that was also funny comments): Masturbating, Holding a piss for a while and letting it out, and well actually there is only a few I can think of... hmmm.

63 yeah but I thought OP was a male then I looked and well... it doesn't say.

GuidoCheese 0

Op didn't know that his/her friend's dad was having heart surgery. However, that's really bad humor.

cryssycakesx3 22

however, if he read her posts he'd find out.

Just say you are sorry and you didnt know what she meant? Unless you are usually a disrespectful dick why would she have any problems accepting that?

iAmScrubs 19

Wow, OP? Why do you have to be such a chicken in the hole?

the only way for OP to get over this is to go play with his baby :D

uglyyness 0

how could someone throwing a tantrum give one a high five?

32 other FML. 27 "Miss me high hit me low!"

k8izgr8_fml 0

32 was referring to another fml about the 16 yr olds tantrum. I mean, it wasn't funny but he still tried