By luni - 26/06/2011 21:17 - United Kingdom

Today, when my boyfriend said it was time to play with his baby, I figured he was talking about me. He meant his Xbox. FML
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IndiRae 9

Play with him, problem solved Xbox


Refer to him by saying you're going to play with the baby.

or she coulda been like "I'll also play with the baby... in my tummy!" just to see his reaction :P

uglyyness 0

break his black ops game disk in half...I heard that hurts

ImmortalKratos 0

hurts almost as much as getting kicked in the balls by Bigfoot. I speak from personal experience

flockz 19

now getting kicked in the nuts by bigfoot's foot covered in the shards of the black ops disc.... my nuts will never be the same

uglyyness 0

there, there friend. there, there.

Build a bridge, and get the **** over it.

34 who cares about your nuts tell us did the black ops disc make it? Ugh I suck at trolling... or do I?... No I do.

alexg823 0
flockz 19


if you say black ops fast it sounds like black cops trolol. but I hate xbox live becuase listening to the potheads and 9 year olds playing halo becomes obnoxiously overrated. and mrsassypants my grandmother is half troll I can probably assist you with some lessons for a flat fee of 100 neopet points per hour (in dog years)

kala_lanier 2


rallets 22

i sense a revolution coming... the birds have left the coup, coming to peck at the remains of their once great civilization... you have been forewarned... the battle starts here, keyboard warriors... good luck...

daysgoby902 6

you should've seen that coming...YDI

Boygenius50 8

Well obviously his KDR is more important than his sex life. . .

I'm going to just say hi to all and sorry I had to pointlessly put this here.Now you shall 'Thumbs Down' this comment and talk trash about it :D

how long have you guys been going out? :P

Sometimes a man wants some alone time with the baby, geez.

Shadow1368 17

That's why you don't assume stuff.

VinegarStrokes 0

When you assume it makes an ass out of you and me.

uglyyness 0

gosh 142 is soo liek stupid like double you tee eff, im so thumbs downing their ass ! like ugh

hey 142 ;) haha yay, you got a reply :)

Darklord53 0

oh haha but I will thumbs it up and say that it is great haha

wow why did my comment get thumbed down? like seriously people

FunnyGuy5051 7

I know I'm going to get thumb down but has seen a FML like this but with ps3 instead? I thought not

cummbubble 0

dont flatter yourself women

IndiRae 9

Play with him, problem solved Xbox

Well maybe they can be both his babies!!

garrettsgirl 0

what is it with guys and Xbox games ?

What is it with girls and fancy iPod cases?

I myself have always wondered why hermaphrodites enjoy long walks on the beach and Justin bieber

sabrinahusic 0

You have to know how to distract him. When I want my bf to spend time with me I play with him. And I don't mean playing xbox with him. :D

102. but your description says you like cod and black ops? I guess you balance it. however your method is very valid and you are a genius of the feminine species! :)

get on xbox somewhere else and own his ass on there, then come back and scream "bitch!" in his face.

sabrinahusic 0

107- yeah, I play too but when I'm feeling frisky I know how to get his attention :D

sabrinahusic 0

111 that's hilarious! haha I could picture that. Her storming in and screaming "Bitch, how'd you like that?!" that'll show him haha

that would be quite the revenge. I giggled.

79 - That's like saying: What's with girls and: Shoes Clothes Make up Shopping Manicures Gossip Chocolate Dolls Phones Etc. You guys know I'm right.

IrishChic10 0

Play with him or play with him on the Xbox??

91- of all the girls i know with iPods (nearly every one at my school), only 1 has an ipod case.

thomas357 0

he wines to win. so not the xbox.

exactly..I mean I think playing black ops is fun. don't see a problem here..

175-It seems that we go to different schools.

WallyTheWombat 0

175 must go to an all guy school considering the new iPhones COME WITH FREE cases. iPhones count as iPods and people would be retarded to spend that much money on a phone and not get a case to help protect it.

205- WTF my new iPhone didn't come with a case. Those selfish assholes. 79- Why is your head turned at such an unnatural angle?

IndiRae 9

I have an iPhone and no case, and my phone is like new. I think you meant you'd have to be retarded not to be able to keep a phone safe without a case to protect it.

WallyTheWombat 0

I meant the new iPhones like gen 4. there was a problem where if you touched the metal frame, it would ground the phone and make it lose all signal/3G. So to fix it, they gave free cases with the phone.

Dude..where have you been. they only gave out free cases if you got the iPhone 4 within the first 2 months. after that, they fixed the metal frame -_-

WallyTheWombat 0

The AT&T store (not apple) by my house still gives out the cases. So I'm just going by whats around me. Either way, if you buy a 150-300 dollar phone, you should spend the extra 15 bucks to protect it. Most people do.

KingDingALing 9

What the ****? You guys are talking about IPhones and IPhone cases on an FML that's talking about a relationship. I'm pretty sure that the comment section is to make comments about the FML itself. Not to have a goddamn conversation about shit that's off topic. There's a thing called "Private messaging". You should use it.

then YOU use it and send all of us PMs with that comment!

iBiteRoses 22

Yeah, except I'd rather have an Xbox

KiddNYC1O 20

"Console, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband through hacks and in outages?"

tblax44 0

why do people say nothing but "lol" in a comment? such a waste of a comment

Just so you guys wissen, saugt OP Leben ist OP Leben Enten in deutscher Sprache. Seien Sie nicht zu hassen mich dafür.

toad396 0

xbox roxs suck his **** while he plays he deserve it bitch

DarkHelmet 10

well fix him a sandwich and stay out the way!!

ImmortalKratos 0

and make sure you bring him the sandwich when he's in the lobby not in the middle of the game!

I think you need a boyfriend who has his priorities straight.

The_Moustache 6

What do you mean? He has his priorities straight!

He'll yea he has!!! I am more of a PS3 guy though.


hey man, xbox is the shit.

HIS PRIORITIES ARE STRAIGHT!!! the xbox was there first, so maybe it's time for this chic to learn HER place :)

k8izgr8_fml 0

maybe op just needs a sense of humor

how does she deserve that at all? the guy wants to play xbox, there is nothing wrong with that

alexsmokesdro91 0

Well he fooled you didn't he?