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  dolphincheddar  |  10

if you say black ops fast it sounds like black cops trolol. but I hate xbox live becuase listening to the potheads and 9 year olds playing halo becomes obnoxiously overrated. and mrsassypants my grandmother is half troll I can probably assist you with some lessons for a flat fee of 100 neopet points per hour (in dog years)

  rallets  |  22

i sense a revolution coming...

the birds have left the coup, coming to peck at the remains of their once great civilization...

you have been forewarned...

the battle starts here, keyboard warriors...

good luck...


175 must go to an all guy school considering the new iPhones COME WITH FREE cases. iPhones count as iPods and people would be retarded to spend that much money on a phone and not get a case to help protect it.

  IndiRae  |  9

I have an iPhone and no case, and my phone is like new.
I think you meant you'd have to be retarded not to be able to keep a phone safe without a case to protect it.


I meant the new iPhones like gen 4. there was a problem where if you touched the metal frame, it would ground the phone and make it lose all signal/3G. So to fix it, they gave free cases with the phone.

  EnaBoC  |  5

Dude..where have you been. they only gave out free cases if you got the iPhone 4 within the first 2 months. after that, they fixed the metal frame -_-


The AT&T store (not apple) by my house still gives out the cases. So I'm just going by whats around me. Either way, if you buy a 150-300 dollar phone, you should spend the extra 15 bucks to protect it. Most people do.

  KingDingALing  |  9

What the fuck? You guys are talking about IPhones and IPhone cases on an FML that's talking about a relationship. I'm pretty sure that the comment section is to make comments about the FML itself. Not to have a goddamn conversation about shit that's off topic. There's a thing called "Private messaging". You should use it.