By ohno - 25/03/2012 13:11 - United States - East Stroudsburg

Today, I found out that when my girlfriend said she gave up sex for lent, it was just with me and not my brother. FML
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At least you know how much of a scumbag she is now instead of later.

Don't worry, 58, you're still a douche bag.


At least you know how much of a scumbag she is now instead of later.

Don´t forget the brother. What kind of brother would have sex with his brothers girlfriend.

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I hate reading fmls like this. Sorry about that. I bad girlfriend and a worse brother.

Touché , 52. Why are people so stupid? Stick to your lent resolution. Shame on you, OP's girlfriend. SHAME!!!

Maybe calling OP "bro" isn't the best idea right now considering the circumstances.

nofearjenshere 12

I don't think it was, 51. Damn sorry for OP.

I am also sorry OP, this would really suck. Karma baby, keep your chin up!

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Any need for the asterisk (*) in the place of the I in bitch? I don't know if it even has a t in it.

QueenQuay77 10

Better Hope that bitch ain't pregnant then it really would be bad and very awkward. Then you really would be like the people on the Maury show

Mearemoi 14

Um, no, 'it' DOES have a 't' in it, last time I checked.

That's so tight I wouldn't talk to her or your brother ever again

QueenQuay77 10

I know right. How is it tight? I don't understand, I heard tight used many ways but not how you just used it.

From my understanding, tight means "cool or hip" also it means "close". I've never heard it used in a negative manner.

bingababe 16

Must be an Aussie thing, I say it all the time when someones done something nasty or hurtful. Or if someones being a tight arse with money or you ask them to do something and they won't. Wow I'm finding this really hard to explain without sounding like a wank!

we use tight in England, it's sort of like selfish, mean, horrible. I just thought that was used everywhere, sorry.

omarzrgz 3

Breaking off connections with a family member because of an unfaithful bitch just isn't worth it.

113, are you kidding? It was more the brother's fault! How could you do that to someone you're related to! It's more like his brother shouldn't have broken OP's heart and trust for some sex! I agree that OP shouldn't talk to his brother anymore.

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I think it was in her asshole

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Too funny, 20. Way to put it into an unintentional pun.

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SweetlyPsycho 4

Where in this FML does it state that OP, his girlfriend, or his brother are Catholics??? O.o

Anai08 17

Well lent is something observed by Catholics so...

^ Well the FML says 'for lent', so they probably assumed they were Christian/Catholic, although those aren't the only religions (if you consider the two separate religions...) that 'fast', per se... So I guess either way they made an ignorant statement.

Lent is for Catholics, not Christians

35, just for clarification, are you catholic?

21 people apparently don't know that lent is a Catholic tradition which observes Christ's 40 day fast in the desert. Other Christians may also observe lent, although it started in the Catholic church. Still, no premarital sex is a common belief among all Christian sects.

BTW, other religions do fast, but they don't call it "lent." I believe muslims call their traditional fast "ramadan," for example.

Even the best of Catholics/ Christians give into temptation. His girlfriend is just a stupid bitch.

Very true. I also agree that her cheating on her boyfriend is far worse than having sex with him as a Catholic to begin with & the fact that it was with his brother makes it that much worse. Having sex made her a "bad Catholic." Cheating made her a bad person.

Although I also think it's silly for someone to fast something their religion teaches them they're not supposed to do in the first place. That's why I made the remark about the girlfriend being Catholic in my original comment.

dsmguy92 4

Catholicism is a form of christanity

Gracehi, you are correct about Ramadan. Muslims fast from sunrise to sundown and abstain from sex. It makes them very cranky, from my experience.

At least it stays in the family ;) Your brother is an ass.... And your ex a bitch Fyl dude