Curiosity should stay at home

By Anonymous - 23/09/2015 12:43 - Malta - Santa Venera

Today, I came across the word "pegging". Not knowing what it meant, I googled it and got a very graphic explanation. Seconds later, I realised that the webpage URL actually included the sexual nature of the meaning. The IT department have logs of every page we visit. FML
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Curiosity kills specially online at work

Swandive235 27

There's an easy explanation, and long as they didn't look at anything graphic. they're completely fine.

I suggest you look up the definition of pegging too. :P

It's when a woman wears a strap on and gives a man anal.

chrisbeaudoin 26

Does anyone else realize that there was another fml about pegging a few days ago? I think that's why he was googling it.

joeyl2008 29

And as I said on that one "pegging will change your life"

meggieeeee92 27

I hope you can think of a good explanation for that one!

The truth is an excellent explanation for that one.

drshn 22

the reason could be that you were searching for synonyms for the word 'fixing'. haha.. ☺

RedPillSucks 31

my boss sugested it and I wanted to know what I was in for?

an explanation that includes the word begging instead pegging. he was confused between the words b and p so thats why.

Now that I've googled it have fun explaining that.

Just explain to them that you saw the term and needed to clarify the meaning. Hopefully they will understand.

Where would he have seen the word at work though?

some companies don't like people using their phones while at work

All companies frown on employees looking at **** at work.

48, I think you're working for the wrong companies.

Wait until break. Companies can't control what you do during break.

they can if you're using their servers and property

AliGInTheHouse 24

I use Urban Dictionary for almost everything and it's worth not having to google it.

Especially for terms where you suspect adult themes, urban dictionary saves you from NSFW pictures and the like.

soldier084 11

never google new terms you hear about at the workplace. never a good idea.

kimeatszombies 22

Before anyone enters the same problem, it's when a female wears a strap-on to have sex with a male from behind.

I feel ha I did that while looking at another fml and I regretted it after I realized I wasn't on private browsing, I can tell ha this, my dad wasn't too happy