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By  Adam Dessouki  |  13

Over my many years of life experiences, I’ve learnt one lesson and I live by it. “Love is trash, bitches need cash”
Now I’m never sad, and always got a $100 in dollar bills.

By  feckarsedrink  |  9

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By  ohsnapword  |  21

Did they do this on The Simpsons?

  ohsnapword  |  21

Wow, I'd pay a million for you to stay away from me.

  Allie614032  |  34

@onceuponatime456 - Yeah. I was. He contacted me over Facebook. I ended up blocking him because he wouldn't stop messaging me, trying to convince me to say yes.

@ohsnapword - I'll take you up on that offer. Feel free to DM me your bank info.

  PhantomCrevan  |  8

You do realize that if every woman has a price, so does every man? You literally could have just said "everyone has a price" and your comment would have had the same meaning *without* the casual sexism.

Also, no, not everyone has a price, because there will always be someone that will choose their principles over the money, even if it's just to be contrary.