By Anonymous - 11/02/2010 13:33 - United States

Today, I was babysitting. The kid said he had to use the bathroom. When I told him to go ahead, he said he just did. He was on my lap. He wasn't wearing pants. FML
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why would be holding a kid that had no pants on ...

Why was he sitting on your lap without pants?? Ew.


question of the day: y were u holding a pantsless baby in ur lap...u had on pants tho rite?

wow...pantless baby on your lap? is your name Herbert? mmmm...popsicles...

ahaha I was thinking the same question, kid no pants in your lap?? uhmm...

op how would u not notice??? are u mental.....stupid¡

What I'm worried about is why the kid was sitting on the OP's lap. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

exactly what I was thinking. o__o Why did this kid not have pants on?! lol

a better fml would be "some chick my parents hired had me naked on her lap I feel violated,fml.

lol I ws tinkin tha exact same thing!

WTF yd u have a naked kid on ur lap creeper. n nice fam guy reference btw

and u prolly had a boner. pedo.

Today, I came home to see my babysitter receiving a Boston pancake from my seven year old son. FML

hahaha!!!!! Gross

it was probably a small one. like two or three and they were wearing a pullup or diaper and it soaked through. you all are immature.

so you allow little kids to sit on your lap, PANTLESS, while their parents aren't home? petifile!!!! jk

Today, I had a pantless kid on my lap while babysitting. I was turned on until he peed. FML <------- theres the shorter version

Wow that sucks... lol

Holy fricken pedo shit! ZING :D

I think you'd notice unless you're a huge fatass. ;)

why would be holding a kid that had no pants on ...

lol... I was wondering the same thing...

Why are we all asuming this is a male post? It could be a female pedo.

Ajjas013 6

I think it's called foreplay.

Yay Pedobear! The other question is why were you so distracted that you didn't notice the kid did his business until he told you?

lol I think it calls for a WTF!!

Ajjas013 6

Nah, it's not serious. Just another couple of posers doing a fail rendition of 2 girls 1 cup. No WTF is needed :)

Ajjas013 6

Yup :(

#7 I was waiting to see a pedobear comment :) you have pleased me.

exactly what I was thinking..

Why was he sitting on your lap without pants?? Ew.

I think that is a crime in some states, having a naked kid on your lap. I'd make a joke about child rape... but that's not funny

maybe the kid had on underwear..

i like you... why? your picture thats why!

maybe you shouldn't have naked kids on your lap?

maybe the OP mistook their job for their hobby...

Gotta go peepee! Yaaaaay! I did it awl by mysewf!

why was there a naked kid on your lap? so fail..

Were you raping the little dude?

I read your comment then your picture, A+ man, A+..

yeah gross. i agree. y no pants

why have a kid with no pants on was u molesting him that he felt so pleased he wet him self on ur lap .... just saying