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Today, I was woken up by my teenage son pulling down my shirt and taking pictures of my breasts. FML
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If he's a teenager, he should know by this point that's not right.

*The *Nazi *period.


If he's a teenager, he should know by this point that's not right.

HowAreYouToday 34

Unless he is Oedipus.

TorturedXeno 27

I was just gonna say, if he's already a teenager he probably ought to be past the Oedipus complex phase by now...

If he had the Oedipus complex he'd be in jail for killing his father

rifletwirler92 15

To be fair, Oedipus didn't know it was his mother until long after they'd been married.

paradox5150 0

If he's a teenager, he's highly hormonal..

The fact that he's hormonal doesn't excuse that fact. The son was taking pictures of his mother's ****. If he was just hormonal and horny couldn't he have found some ****?

^I used fact twice in one sentence. Sorry.

Hoping to god she is his step-mother.

All this stuff abt getting help.. Just beat the shit out of him., that should straighten the kid.,,

165- because that seemed to work out so well for you..... Violence answers everything?

paradox5150 0

When u'r a young teenager, u do stupid shit u know is wrong because ur hormones r raging.. i've never done that, and "ew ******' gross!!!".. but damn, i've done some embarrassing shit i wouldn't admit to, that i wouldn't do today because my hormones aren't raging anymore.. i looked at **** when i was a teen; that didn't stop me from doing the other stuff.. by that logic, all men who look at **** should be saints who keep their willies in their pants.... and u probably know that ain't true! so yes, what he did was wrong, and obviously should be punished to be taught a lesson, but knowing right from wrong doesn't mean doing right from wrong.

177- We didn't say he couldn't jack off or screw some girl. He was taking pictures of his MOTHER, and you shouldn't think of your mother like that. I am a firm believer in disciplining children/teenagers, but in that situation physical punishment would not be appropriate.

bobbigirl71 2

You are actually justifying this Boy?? Wow,think about it for God sake!! You shouldn't even have to be told this, what is wrong with You? What a lame thing to say.This world is sick!!!

bobbigirl71 2

What??You are totally justifying fact,I hate to even know what "other stuff" **** didn't stop You from doing!I'm sorry but You shared so someone is bound to tell You, sounds like You also did some pretty wierd shit Yourself.Sounds like You can relate to this boy's actions.Thats his Mother

bobbigirl71 2

Oh yes, violence is the answer, now the kid is getting wierd sexual acts and violence all in the same experience. Come on, I hope You can't have kids!!!

#215 I think you need to calm down, going on a bit of a rant right now

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the grammar nazi in me wants to rage right now

*The *Nazi *period.

@26 a Nazi period? That sounds uncomfortable...

The Nazi period was last century, in the 30s and 40s.

Those bloody Jews!


No. Go back to ****. FML isn't the place to ask these things.

BellaBelle_fml 23

Your comment and profile expose your lack of maturity. I seriously hope you grow up and out of this stage.


I find it entertaining how you two can't handle a kid trying to be funny. Maybe you should grow up as well instead of trying to feel better about yourself by insulting others on the Internet

What is MILF? I'm not willing to burn some terrible image into my eyes searching it, and it is not a casual subway chat either.

MILF stands for mother I'd like to f***

Funny how I am going to say this but it also stands for: Moro Islamic Liberation Front - MILF Central Committee of Information ... I am not kidding - this actually exists! O.o

Thanks 120, thought its be something along that line. 123, that is just so very odd, how did you find THAT?

Get back on pornhub u little ******

pedophile in the making..


Umm... No. Not at all..

FlyinTurtle 7

I think people forgot what pedophile means...

FlyinTurtle 7

maybe he's just a creep...

Are you an idiot a pedophile is someone who takes nudes of kids not ******* adults.. jeez idiots these days.

sammyjanette 17

Not a pedophile, but definitely a weird creep.

michael666 7

your stupid as ****, that's not even close to a pedophile, dipshit.

He's a creep. And a weirdo. What the hell is he doing here?

I hope more people than just mean realize how funny your comment is

Umm actually a pedophile is someone who's really into kids so calling her son a future pedophile is super wrong

A pedophile is someone who becomes sexually aroused by prepubescent children, usually younger than 12. Anyone that likes to see his mother naked could be labeled a sexual deviant or maybe an entrepreneur.

Not a pedophile, but definitely a sexual predator.

That shows that you are a MILF, op. either that or your son is truely disturbed. Either way, FYI, hope you took his camera and deleted the photos before shoving it somewhere where the sun doesn't shine, and lock your bedroom door from now on

Don't forget the psychiatric help, something tells me both mother and son need it. The son for the help and the mother to get over the trauma.

Freud said all boys subconsciously want to sleep with their mothers. Maybe her son wanted the next best thing

Freud said do? Ah then it must be true. Sigh

Freud said that children from the age of 3 to 5 want the parent of the opposite sex. That is called the Œdipe complex, and the theory says that children eventually get over that desire, and by eventually, I meam before going to school. Being a teenage and feeling sexual excitement about his mom is not right. Op should seriously search for help.

Let me paint a mental picture here: it doesn't say anywhere that the OP is not an obese male FATHER...

Inheritance 10

He needs to be sneaky at least. I mean props for trying, but if your mom is half awake why try? Though that is gross and wrong, and he needs help.

BellaBelle_fml 23

If you truly believe that this is gross and wrong then why did you say to be more sneaky about it and give him props for trying?

Inheritance 10

Because it is gross and wrong don't get me wrong but teenagers will be teenagers so props for him trying

The excuse "teenagers will be teenagers" does not justify the fact he clearly invaded his mother's privacy and her comfort zone. We may be full of hormones at this stage, but we DO have the will power to keep our hands (and cameras) to ourselves. Most of us are also able to not overlook the fact that what OP's son did is wrong and disturbing, no matter how you try to rationalize it. We are not slaves to our own hormones. Give us more credit.

BellaBelle_fml 23

I have never met or heard of a teenager who actually wanted to see their mother's breasts. And if some of the teenagers I have met did want to, they would never admit to it. Do you know why? Because they know it isn't ok or normal to do that and if they said anything about it they would be ostracized by their peers.

Yeah, seriously. I was a horny teenaged boy at one point too and I don't ever remember directing that kind of attention at my mom, nor did I ever want to nonconsensually remove anyone's clothing for access to "the goods". That kid needs some serious help. I think the non-clinical term for this is "****** up." The legal term for this is somewhere between "assault" and "rape".

It wouldn't be rape because there was no penetration. Definitely sexual assault though..

mowmowlife 21

Props for trying and succeeding at sexually violating his own mother? What the hell?

You are.... Truly something unpleasant if you're willing to give props to a guy who is going for borderline incest... Something tells me that you've done/thought of this before.

You suck, are not funny and are just stupid.

bobbigirl71 2

Teenagers will be teenagers??Im gonna stick up for teenagers here,how dare You classify all teenagers as being perverts?Because the reality is, that is a pervert,no matter how old he is and You are sick for giving anyone props for that kind of action! Think about what Your saying before You type it!

Your son needs help.

How exactly do you handle this? You can't ground him. This kid desperately needs socialization.

westdallas5 4

What is wrong with him! He needs help!!

The profile pic is fitting

killer6969 16

Lol nice profile pic ;)

How ya like them apples?

Iamme30069 5

Says the **** for a profile pic

125, it seems like you can't tell the difference between **** and an ass.

trying to make easy money i suspect

bach2121 13


flutter4 7

That is exactly what I said when I read this