Bad boy

By PicklesMcRaptor - 25/03/2012 11:59 - United States - Miami

Today, as I was walking my dog, two cute girls from my school were walking towards me on the sidewalk. I thought it would be appropriate to wave and give a smile. My dog thought it would be appropriate to viciously bark at and mount one of the girls. FML
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We all know a dog thinks the same as its master :)

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Guess which one is on her period

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Bad doggy!!! You need to get yourself a new dog that can handle himself!

GovernorGeneral 8

Good conversation starter xD

As long as the dog didn't mark his territory on her she's still fair game.

I bet the girls had the hump after that.

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Haha. Well, if she didn't think it was funny, she's not right for you :)

93 - is that right? Get the **** off FML you spamming dick.

Will the mods please delete the spamming comment of 93's?

The girls must have been really attractive.

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Don't blame the dog for making the move wayy before you probably would have, could have still played it in your favor though

Doggy style! Look like his getting more action then you.

nofearjenshere 12

The dog obviously thought the girl was cute too.

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I'd say he deserves it! The dog taught him the only way he'll ever get a girl is to show her your affection on the first sight! He should start taking notes!!!

hell ******' yeah! we should all bark viciously at that one special girl and then mount her without hesitation! that'll really win her over!!!

79, my heart is now putty in your hands from imaging what you just said.

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89- Learn how to spell imagining, will you? (I'm a grammar nazi....)

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He only did what you were thinking

omgcookeys 15

He chose his girl, you're the wingman; take the other one!

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26- Oh Really? Well then. His climbin' up yo windows. Snatching yo people up!

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I believe I can flyyyyyy I believe I can touch the skyyyy Da...da... Daaaaa....

It's all fun and games until somebody gets mounted...

2ndSucks 15

Right. Then it's orgasmic, beastial fun.

The fun begins when somebody gets mounted...

Correction: it's all fun and games till somebody get mounted in a fursuit.

Your dog has picked your mate for you. I'd go with his decision if I were you.

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The dog was just test driving for you.

Would you wanna be picked because your bf's dog mounted you???

Dude are you serious? Do you know what a joke is?

omgcookeys 15

121, dude, never take anyone on fml seriously.

varamor 1

Haha don't worrie I would pick u if my dog mounted you ;) ;)

thelinlinx3 10

Well, come on, there's a bright side to this: your dog only mounted on ONE of the girls. You still have one more cute girl that you can maybe impress :D

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He sensed that the other girl had smelly armpits and has bits and pieces of crap on her vagaga.

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@31: Yeah, because dogs are noted for being picky and hygienic...