By Embarressed... - 04/08/2010 10:25 - United Kingdom

Today, I was babysitting for my mum's friend. I put her little boy on my knee, and he kept pulling at my top. I asked him "are you hungry?" He replied "No, I want to see your titties." FML
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bt2breakskn 0

his dad taught him well lol jk


mmmazingmary 0

that's happened to me before :/ little kids can be pervs

who can blame him. bOObs are great :D

it's probably the only attention they've gotten all year.

So did you show him?

Wow, how would you even begin to answer that? XD haha

InfantryMarc 0

that's prolly cuz ur hott Mary and from ur pic u look to have a nice body. can't blame a kid for tryin

catalystics 2

wow how old is that kid like 12?

hahahaha i love it

If I were you, I'd titty smack him until that fucker went unconscious.

what do you excepte your darn cute

Melaniee_fml 0

he was trained by his father well.

PimpdaddyCJT 13

little pimp!!!!!

Haha! That's great! That's happened to me before back when I used to babysit.

I was talking about #6.

missvee98324 0

Ahhahaa i lmaoed

haha!! he's a mini horn dog!

quent10 0

agreed with 8 ^_^ but did ya let him see?

she probably didn't. sounds like a party pooper since she's complaining about it ha

wow little kids!!!

in your case I can understand the kid...

that is just beyond awkward.

if 6 was baby sitting me, I'd do the same!!

^^ why bother asking 6 you the whole Internet can pretty much see em already.

if 6 was baby sitting me, I don't think I would be asking. let's the peeve comments commence, gogogo!!:D

like father like son :)

transam87 0

smartest kid ever, 6- pervs? look what your putting on display as your pic!

omfg xD that is realllllyyy akward..

Igor_g5 0

#6 If I was a kid I would want to see your titties too. As a matter of fact I'm not a kid and I still want to.

That_Guy_Jake_JR 0

Agree with 8, he knows what women are for. JK DONT FLAME ME.

A little horny freak i see...

nevada_girl 6

yeah, 6 can't complain... she's showing everyone anyway

Izzy_babii 0

I agree with 21,if ya don't like "perves" then don't put trashy stuff like that as your pic 6 :D

it starts young...

everyone loves bo0bs these days! pssht! KIDS....

Was the kid's name Stewie Griffen? O:

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

*add to favorites*

6 are you not wearing pants? how modest of you..

How old is he anyway?!

6 if you were babysitting me I'd want to see yours too... oh wait u already have, last night ... when you were getting changed ... your closet was slightly uncomfortable but it was worth it... ;)

6's picture is probably fake and she probably really looks like intoxicunt

KarateDuck 0

yeah sorry about that you're just really cute.

6 just look at yourself. kids can't be blamed. you have got a nicest pair.

thatisjank 0

#18 If he was 12, she wouldn't be asking if he was hungry.

KiddNYC1O 20

if he was 12 she wouldn't allow him on her lap...

I love you XD

tits or GTFO.(;

tweetbaby14 18

wow it's amazing how many creeps are on this app. and 6 maybe the child wouldn't have said it to you if you didn't put them on display for the world to see. OP most likely you were doing the same. honestly it's sad that you have to show cleavage just so they'll give you attention. I'm glad my iPod won't let me put up pics.

yeah #6, you need to cover them up.. youre giving yourself the WRONG kind of attention..

tits or GTFO. couldn't have been put any better. lol

KiddNYC1O 20

GTFO is my COD clan tag lol

Chrisskiies 0

Lol mine is BAMF. kid haha

frieman123 0

you got a picture? lol

haha can't blame a kid for trying

KiddNYC1O 20


damn 6, I wanna see your titties

SpartyOn91 0

damnnnnn 6

BallinJ 0

He knows the rules and so should you. Tits or gtfo

99chevyz71 0

hey if i saw u i would ask the same thing lol

Wow! tweetbaby is the best troll ever. I laughed so hard at his or her comment.

nikalb3 0

I can see y

#142: 12 year olds get hungry too. Fuck, I'm 26 and I get hungry sometimes.

DisturbedCupcake 3

If she did that I'm sure he would get a peek... Or a lick. lol

MarkerofMagic 0

theFMLwhore5-- you got a ps3??

masterofdeath 0

lol he's a lil kid he don't know better

tell him they're so saggy you have to kick em when you walk. Maybe he'll change his mind?

this kid is a legend. Laddish Banter

this kid is a legend. Laddish Banter

Mary is sexy if I was the kid I wud rip off ur shirt and suck them dry.... milky

u shud have asked if he was thirsty and wanted milk.....

PanteraRules 0

8 is right, don't blame the kid boobs ARE AWESOME

blink_babe 0

wow 37 is hott lol

tweetbaby14 18

176- I'm not trolling I'm telling the truth. also I'm a she.

biggiesmalls15 0

I love your name lol

welltaketheocean 0


hey fmlwhore5 ur gorgeous ;) and btw love the name =D u have ps3 ?

a bunch of haters on here, 6 is bangin

Rhanno 0

or maybe she should just cover up??

Misguided_Ghost 0

6 is a fcking whore that needs to put on pants, jk. You'd make a great langerie model. ^_^ js.

Well # 6 with a titties like yours who wouldn't... just saying

awe! he's just curious. show him how things work, you might get a tip.

flcl2 2

uh...yeah, Mary...keep telling yourself that, k? btw, you're confusing attention from guys wanting to just fuck you vs wanting to marry you. but if easy, shallow attention is all you're after, I guess that's fine for a bimbo.

well u are hot. js

6- I can see y it happened...

rfngxhhshi 0

what is titties?

I was wondering that too

FYMcNuggetts 0

what does gtfo mean?

OneShotSnipa 0

#6 can I see your titties

Little kids really are awful pervs nowadays -_-" my lil bro frequently attacks my friends Dx he's 5 we are 14-16.....

i agree with you

NzxtZ06 0

This kid is Pro

Pearljammer001 0


Ace_In_Spades 0

I wouldn't be surprised... lol jk

dat kids's a f*ckin pimp in training

Lol, I wonder if you had your tits almost hanging out at the time like you do in your picture

70- hahaha true...

jokerman7734 0



6- well ur tits do look nice ..

that kids a champ

lol who can blame them, you look beautiful. but yea kids start to obsess with boobs at early age these days.

prettyteen 0

ur hot ;)

kaseyslifesucks 5

Well, you can't really complain. Judging from your profile picture, you seem the type to put the girls out for show.

kaseyslifesucks 5

Well you can't complain. Judging by your profile pic, you seem the type to put the girls on show.

ummiforget 0


U must have big titties

Get the fuck out

lol that's a sick kid

YDI for having titties that a little boy wants to see.

Benelli_SkM 0

No. He's just awesome.

haha niice! cheeky little guy.

Sleep_On_It 0

oh damn 6 is hot as fuck,with a nice pair too :D i think i know u tho u look familiar O_o and nice pic btw best one ive seen on this site hahah :P

thatxgirlxthere 0

haha um... awkwarddd xD

hahahahahaha u can see what this dude is gonna turn up to be

ArtIsResistance7 1

With a great young mind like that, he might become a physician! Then he can persuade his female patients undergo frequent breast cancer checks!

bt2breakskn 0

his dad taught him well lol jk

definitely something the dad taught him! tell the kid's mom so he doesn't later do that to a teacher!

Why would you want to stop the kid from being honest and going after what he wants?It is quite refreshing to hear of kids taking the initiative these days, because alot of them don't go after what they want and end up cutting themselves in the bathroom with a fucking steak knife because they're pathetic losers that never got off their ass and got what they wanted.

well it's obvious you turned into one of these kids your talking about

Fuhohohoho... They're learning younger and younger.

Well I am sure he could not resist..

seabass0911 0

that is fucking AWESOME

That kid is a win.