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You should thank God that caressing your hair is all you got.

Fell asleep single, woke up on a date. Sounds like a great day to me.


You should thank God that caressing your hair is all you got.

1- Well, assuming we're only talking about the hair on her scalp, then I would agree with you for the most part. ;p

Why do you have to take it there #37....

Because on FML is an all or nothing kind of deal.

43- Because the Devil's in the Details, and little else can Fuck My Life like when "Bad' takes that extra step towards "Goddamn Awful." ;)

It's nice to know that humanity is started to shape up

\ 28

This reminds me of that FML video where Ben's GF's brother is playing with his hair...

That's just only when she woke up. What about, while she was sleeping?

Oh was it? I wasn't sure. Thanks for confirming that for me.

I thought it was a lovely gesture!

It is! I was being genuine!

What a thoughtful gentleman he was. Feel blessed.

Aaah & who said romance was dead

The darkness does strange things to a man...

It's more of a fondle than i get. Which theatre was this.?

Lol @ 66. Well done

#72 why thank u. Was being genuine though. What theatre dammit.!? Haha

be glad he didn't try more.

Yeah, "Eyyyyy after I caress your hair how about I take you down to my place?"

i find it weird that u bought a ticket to watch a movie, amd then take a nap during the movie. but still, that guys pretty creepyyy

OP said they accidentally fell asleep

(This is VERY late, haha sorry) I had about four hours asleep and I was watching The Lone Ranger.. I guess you can see why I fell asleep.

I think he likes you.

Did you fall asleep on his shoulder or did he creep up on you? paid to sleep on a creepy guys shoulder?

No, he paid to have a girl fall asleep on his shoulder.

Did he at least tell you you're pretty?