By monty - United States
Today, I was babysitting for my mom's coworkers two little boys. they went to bed around 9 and I was watching a movie on HBO. I fell asleep before the movie was over. I woke up to the parents walking into the house. I looked at the TV, and porn was on. FML
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  Djosef_fml  |  0

That's awsome! Let me just learn Nederlands and/or Low Saxon and/or Frysk and/or Limburgish... and I'm on my way to squat your WIFI. I love the culture and the languages spoken in your contry. =)

  BuhZinga  |  2

Wow, I can't believe it took 9 people for someone to finally say what a shitty babysitter he was. Maybe you shouldn't have been sleeping there guy, I think they call that instant karma :D

  haille_fml  |  0

dont assume so fast. I babysit about six different families children. most of the time the kids will go to sleep at abt 8 or 9, and the parents won't be home until 2am. What else are you supposed to do? I've always slept if it got too late an I've never gotten a complaint or been asked to stay awake.


Ummm.... what do you think the parents do once the kids are asleep? I'm a heavy sleeper and can sleep through there crying so I set an alarm for every twenty minutes... I'd hate to babysit late nights for you...


What about when you babysit over night, or for several days if the parents go out of town? Do you just stay awake the whole time? No. There are some cases when sleeping at a babysitting job is okay.