By Anonymous - 04/11/2009 19:02 - Germany

Today, I was at the McDonalds drive-thru getting my morning coffee, when some guy slammed into the back of my car. I'm so happy I was holding the cup between my legs at that very moment, because now I have 2nd degree burns on my lady parts. FML
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Ydi for trying to drink coffee with the wrong set of lips

I'm surprised nobody's offered to kiss it better.


She lives in Germany, so she doesn't have access to a sufficiently insane legal system and thus MacDonalds will not be sued. Unlike that famous old lady, she didn't drop the coffee on herself, though - another driver took care of that. Probably would have created a similar result if she had held the coffee in her hands. (Or indeed in a cup-holder - these things are not designed to hold coffee safe in the event you are hit by another car.) So she still has someone to sue: the driver of the other car. If everything happened as described she will receive some monetary compensation for her pain (and the damage to her car, obviously). She won't become a millionaire though.

Actually, the woman in the famous suit did not get $1 million. It was between $600-700 thousand.

Also, she only asked McDonald's for $20,000 to pay her medical expense. She had 3rd-degree burns and needed skin grafts. McDonald's were such dicks about it that the jury awarded $2.7M but the judge reduced it to $640K.

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Unfortunately it's too late to sue, that old lady beat ya to it.

This violates the laws of physics and inertia... fake, unless you can explain how it tipped backwards

liquid tends to move in many directions when the shock of a car crash comes around:)

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Actually, most cars in germany do not come with cup holders (seriously). It is something about driving being the main priority (because there is no speed limit on the Autobahn) and not drinking or being distracted. Also, you can get beer at some rest areas--which I thought was kind of weird considering the "be responsible and pay attention" rule that dissalows cup holders.

Pics or it didnt happen. O have US of A sucks, if there wasnt so many Mc donalds over there, this wouldnt of happend along with all the overweight people. WIN +2

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wtf U saying ??? fyl if anything

Actually, depending on the force of the impact, inertia would be the cause of it spilling on her, as her and her coffee cup would move forward while the coffee would want to stay in place, causing it to splash backwards from her point of view.

People must really want their McGriddles in the morning.

shut up w/ the physics....cupholders duuh

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this is fake as hell. havent u heard the mcdonalds lawsuit? if not, jfgi

I clicked YDI because I just didn't like how you worded it. But I'm happy that I have that option!

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Okay. No cupholders in Germany. Man slams into the back of her. She is not from America. And liquid tends to have a mind of its own. Also, ouch.

Actually, it does NOT contradict the laws of inertia. Were not talking about a sudden DEceleration here, we're talking about a sudden ACceleration. Particle was initially at rest and suddenly experienced a forwards kinetic energy. The cup travels forward forcefully but the liquid is still momentarily 'rest' at that point of place, which is quickly replaced by the 'lady's parts'. So in retrospect, the coffee did not spash onto the lady's parts. The lady's parts slammed into the unsuspected coffee =P Poor innocent coffee... which begs the question: why the lack of a lid? YDI for not having one!

#64: good job. you beat me to it. #73: don't tell people to shut the **** up just because they are more intelligent than you.. cuz what you said basically give people the impression that 'shut up' is about the only worthless ******* comeback your tiny little grey-mattered brain of yours can produce. Which, by the way, appears to be less than a 5 year old's.

Everything inside the car that can move will move backwards when you are hit in the back. It's basic physics. Maybe you should study some classical physics before making such statements.

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@ 107: I just love how you worded that!

Considering most luxury cars are German, and do have cup holders... i'd say you just made a bs comment.

I've had 4 cars. A Porsche- No cup holders, A Ford- No cup holders, A Chevy S-10- no cup holders, and an MGZT- no cup holders. One German car, two American cars, and one British car and None of them had cup holders. Not to mention that just because the OP is in Germany means she has a German car, nor a luxury car for that matter. My friends Corvette does not have cup holders, I could go on and on...

@39youranidiot, you are an idiot. if you are rear ended, the coffee would spill towards the rear of the car. you ARE an idiot.

Dude if then car hitit womove forward causing the cup to move back.

Actually, contrary to popular belief there are speed limits on the autobahn, although there are some areas without speed limits. Also Germany is stricter on the don't drink and drive laws. Look into German laws on these, I'm German and currently reside in Germany.

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#107 maybe she was putting in milk&sugar..?

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wrong . the cup was at rest, but the vehicle was moving forward , causing the cup to tip backwards and spill it's contents. wow .

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WTF guys stop with the inertia comments.

Ydi for trying to drink coffee with the wrong set of lips

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I may have to read this in it's entirety, as I just skimmed the posting. But, if you got slammed from behind, how did your lips get burned?

The liquid is free-standing, retard. When the car gets hit, it, along with her and the cup, go forward. The liquid - in this case coffee - remains where it is, and either goes up and over the rim of the cup, or out the mouthpiece, assuming there is one. It would defy the laws of physics and inertia if the coffee has all gone forward. YDI, for not using a cupholder. X3

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He must've needed his coffee NOW!

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Oh and the REAL FML is tgat you were drinking Mc Donalds coffee

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way to read the comments before yours. they already explained cars in germany don't have cupholders, genius. to the op tho, there's a reason they don't have cupholders. you're not supposed to be drinking while you drive. i still don't wanna say ydi tho, that just sucks so bad.

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way to read the comment before you reply... it has nothing to do with cupholders.... dumbass

That sucks... I hope you got that idiot back by making a turn and coming back to the drive-thru, then slamming his car right when the lady was giving him the meal... Yea that would've been nice.

I'm surprised nobody's offered to kiss it better.

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You should email me a picture I'm a burn expert

Maybe instead of the "Caution: contents will be hot" on the lid they should put the much more useful recommendation of not holding it between your legs... since apparently no one can figure this out by themselves.

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Seriously, you would think keeping extremely hot things away from your genitalia would be some sort of instinct...but yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if that little warning label popped up soon too.