By Walker - 04/11/2009 20:00 - United Kingdom

Today, my parents, who are divorced, were arguing over who has to pay for my bus pass. They decided they wouldn't pay unless the other one did too. Neither will pay the £60 it'll cost for my bus pass. I now have to walk to school every day, in freezing winter weather. It's 9 miles. Each way. FML
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wow your parents suck..poor you! :( and that sucks that you have to walk 18 miles cold weather :( FYL

1) It's snowing some places, so "winter weather" is not an unreasonable thing to say. 2) £60 is over 100 USD. Not necessarily that easy to come by, especially if... 3) OP may be a young kid with limited options. 4) Your parents totally suck. You could buy a pretty cheap bike and ride to school. And if you don't have the money, shovel snow (if there's snow) or do some silly jobs until you can afford a cheap solution.


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Bud_fml 16

Yahhhh that was my first thought OP is hella cheap

she clearly meant 9 miles each way, not 9 miles in total

#57: You're an idiot and you can't spell. OP meant "9 miles each way" as opposed to "9 miles round trip". Had they just said "It's 9 miles," we would've assumed they meant round trip. Now shut up.

orrrrrrrr ask your parents to split it so they're both paying half...

boatkicker 4

In order to get to class on time OP would have to leave the house three hours before the start of school yes, but that doesn't mean its fake.

Bud_fml 16

"It's 9 miles. Each way. FML" Now stop bickering ffs

bugmenotmofo 34

#52 There are something called decimal points. 4.5 miles + 4.5 miles = 9 miles. Anyway, it was nine miles each way. The period was used for emphasis.

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How much is a bus pass in the UK?

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Not to sound COMPLETELY ignorant, but why isn't there a school bus? yes, i'm stupid, now tear me to pieces.

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Selfish parents suck. And maybe OP doesn't have access to her own money. She needs the bus, so she may not be old enough to drive. At 15, $90 ($60 Euros) can be a lot.

Ok dude ur an idiot. OP didn't probably didn't mean 9 miles each way as in to and from the school. OP's parents are divorced which probably means each way as in each different house. And come on!!! R u that stupid? OP obviously has different scenarios in this FML. Like having to wake up really early and probably still being late for class. And how could OP pay for themself when he or she probably doesn't work and their parents r the only source of money?? Yeah that's wat I thought -.- don't be so negative. They should ride a bike to school :)

Try calling social services and be done with it.

#1,41: What are you, nuts? Do you honestly expect her to pay the $100 herself? You must be joking. Give her a break. @OP: Sounds like it's time to call social services or whatever passes for that in your country. Your parents are asses and deserve to be treated as such.

If it takes you 3 hours to walk 9 miles then you clearly suck. Also one can try running.

Maybe she lives somewhere very isolated and there aren't many people who live nearby and attend the same school? Or for some reason can't attend the nearest school so attends one further away?

honestlyWTF 1

bull shit... it takes 2 hrs to walk 9 miles

rttr 18

94 is correct and their idEa is great

OP could be too young to get a job. Where I live you have to be 16 to legally work

Yeah because high school students have an extra £60 that their parents should be covering.

*Random American passing by* How much $US is £60?

umm, this is england, the weather is bad enough already

Yeah, today it was 11 degrees! (That's 52 degrees for you Americans.)

Yeah, everyone on earth lives in exactly the same place as you... with exactly the same weather. Right

Yea... but we're having REALLY bad weather at the moment. I call fake. In England you get a bus pass for free if you live over three miles away from your school

@21 - No you don't. If you're out of the school's catchment area, travelling to school, by law, is your responsibility. Bus passes are sometimes reduced or free for people from low-income families but your free bus passes must be a regional council thing. It's certainly not country-wide.

No, actually, to us Americans, 11 degrees is 11 degrees... ??? Do u mean celsius?

11 degrees? ****, I wish. That's beautiful weather, whereever you are.

hornetchik 0

#50, I think they mean the difference between celcius and farenheit. You use farenheit in America don't you? Meaning that 11 degrees farenheit would be pretty damn cold, but 11 degrees celcius isn't tooo bad.

Mx_Rider 6

gosh dam.... Just GTFO your making the rest of "us" americans look bad you douche no wonder non americans give us shit. pfft. nuff said

It's below freezing here. Shush you guys.

It was 34 degrees in brisbane, australia and it's only spring and it was almost 40 in sydeny! (40= 104 americans)

:/ I would prefer it to be 11'C right now instead of high 30's! It hit 40 the other day...

bus passes are free - i've never had to pay but i live in south yorkshire so maybe its different from Cov.

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wow your parents suck..poor you! :( and that sucks that you have to walk 18 miles cold weather :( FYL

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Whether the OP gets a job or walks 18 miles a day this is still a FML. Until you're 18 education and transportation to it is supposed to be someone elses responsibility. The OP could work for food and rent too, it doesn't mean that its not a FML when you have to worry about that shit beffore you're an adult.

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You don't hey £60 on the first day, smart one.

Erindub 0

I purposly made friends with peeps who had cars in HS so I didn't have to walk or worse yet...ride the bus!

@#6 In England, people go to secondary school until they're 16 and you can't drive until you're 17.

Umm... in England we stay in secondary school till were 18. We have the option of leaving at 16, after GCSEs, but most people don't. But they're moving the driving age up to 18 now. FML ;)

@#23 - No, you stay at secondary school until you're 16. You then have the option of going to sixth form or college until you're 18. This may be at the same educational establishment or a different one. Many schools don't even HAVE a "post sixteen" facility. Current Year 8 students will have to stay on until they're 17 and future students will have to stay on until they're 18. However for the time being, the age you finish compulsory schooling is 16.

hornetchik 0

Where is this??? In New Zealand you stay in secondary school until you're 18 generally, but have the option of leaving after you turn 16. Id say more people definitely stay right through though, and I havn't heard of any schools in NZ that DON'T let people stay after 16... that seems very strange.

#9, actually, you leave school at 17 now, and when the next primary (elementary) students move up to secondary (high) school, they'll have to stay in formal education until 18. Wonderful. Dumbing down affecting the globe.

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Ya I mean the situation sucks but like the others, maybe get a job or form some "connections" ;)

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sorry OP, no offense but your parents...i dont see why they can't just split the fee or something..your parents suck, sorry :( FYL having to walk that many miles everyday due to your parents D:

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asstards. yell at them. call cps.