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Today, several Ukrainians didn't believe me when I said I was American. Apparently I'm not fat enough. FML
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I wasn't aware that you had to be fat to be an American. Good to know.

ScottVining 21

It's sad that we have that reputation.


I wasn't aware that you had to be fat to be an American. Good to know.

Makes me wonder what their definition of "fat" is, compared to ours...

MannyM 20

Two Thirds of all american adults are overweight or obese, soooo

TAntobella 14

Well according to the statistics you have to be American for being THAT fat

When I order clothes overseas, their XL is my medium :D

46, actually, it's 1/3, and the rate is really close to numerous counties, Mexico even beats the US in percent overweight

ScottVining 21

It's sad that we have that reputation.

makeen4 10

Rather be nice than fat though?

I believe Kuwait actually has the worlds largest obesity issue, we're around #7 so I'm not sure why we are labeled the fattest.

It's probably because of all the different fast food chains in America, people get that idea. To add to your fact, Toga is actually the "world's fattest country" and Kuwait comes next. Still pretty sad though..

It's because America is linked with burgers, got dogs and in general an unhealthy diet. It's a common generalization that happens.

Man I love them "got dogs" really fills my stomach.

No kidding. Especially since I recently heard as of last year we ranked #11 or #12 in worlds fattest country soooo

We aren't even the fastest country on out continent, Mexico has a higher obesity rate than the US

it's sad that we are the only ones that seem to be called rasist too.. clearly not true

This comment almost made me choke! Lmaooo

You are labeled like that bc of the black slaves

It's a stereotype known by the entire world, same as us Canadians are nice when not all of us are

Wait there are RUDE or MEAN Canadians!? This is news to me!!!

Tell a Canadian you're a republican and you'll see them get mean.

Ugh, apparently we all have to be fat and/or stupid to be American. My Canadian friends didn't believe I was American until I drove. Apparently I drive too fast to be from Canada. Believe it or not, some Americans do care about their bodies and intelligence. Those of us that do work very hard on it.

These sort of stereotypes apply to most countries. I visited America and got told my teeth were too good to be English (and also laughed at for them not being blindingly white, don't really know what to make of that)

That is the most backhanded compliment I've heard in a while ?

Stereotypes sure are funny. When I travel, I still get asked if it's true that I live in grass huts, wear coconut bras, and use shell-phones, just because I live in Hawai'i.

That sounds more like you're living unda da sea than in Hawaii.

lol People don't only ask that in person. In online games people ask the same thing. xD They believe it when I tell them I have coconut wifi and that you need a passport and need to be quarantined for a month before coming here from the US Mainland.

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Well, no. They make the food. The customer decides to eat there. If someone is overweight from a bad diet... blame their choices not the company selling the food if I am going to eat chocolate bars every day and don't brush my teeth is that my fault or the chocolate bar companies fault?

dafluckster 6

Uh, yeah, McDonald's definitely exists all over the world...