By geena - 27/10/2012 06:42 - United States - Washington

Today, while at work being a waitress, I gave my customer his credit card receipt to sign. Instead of giving him a pen, I pulled a tampon out of my apron pocket and handed it to him. FML
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Did you ask him to sign in blood?


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It's understandable, really. Both are used for periods!

I don't know why you got thumbed down #1. I'm a waitress as well. Since I have a bit of sense I realize if needed, I put my tamps I'm my pocket under my apron to eliminate accidents like this.

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Haiana04 3

25 my dear friend, #1, Its "you're" as in "you're lucky you still passed grammar school." #2, your insensitivity to OP's situation is ridiculous.

Haiana04 3

^^^(see what I did there?) It's understandable why OP may keep tampons in her apron. Most waitresses have to wear slacks and some do not have pockets big enough to tuck in a tampon. Some do not have pockets at all. It's a matter of convenience.

I still dont fully understand why they need to be kept on her person...I dont know much on this topic, but i refuse to believe there would ever be an emergency dire enough to deem it necessary to change your tampon out on the restaurant floor. Make a quick stop at your locker or staff room, then run to the washroom, correct me if im wrong, i enjoy learning.

Shadowvoid 33

28, number 1 used the proper your... As in i want to hit you upside your head. Way to fail at correcting people.

They weren't talking to 1. They were talking to 25 and made two points.

BellaBelle_fml 23

62 - they weren't talking to #1 Edit: Damn, someone already said that. Move along.

Haiana04 3

Shadowvoid: YOU'RE not fit to correct me. However, I will give you a "get off the short bus free" card for YOUR ignorant comment.

Inediblepeaches 15

25- Bow the actual **** is that nasty? No really, she said it was 'a tampon' Did she say 'a used tampon'? No! And if it *was* a used tampon, then OP is a freak and just mygodidonteven- Who the hell keeps USED tampons on them?! Edit: *How. Autocorrect is a bitch >_

Okay but you're not going to put a tampon in in the middle of serving. Shouldn't you keep it in your bag? Or wherever you keep your stuff and just get it when you go to the bathroom?

Not everyone is allowed to go to where they keep their bags when they are on the clock. And if you're on your way to the loo, you're not necessarily going to take the time to detour to somewhere else for your tampons. Just saying.

Well it's "it's as in "it's rather dump of you to say that!"

thatpeachyperson 12

Why is it in your apron pocket? At least put it in your trouser/skirt pocket instead?

Some uniforms don't have skirt/trouser pockets.

Why not keep it in her apron? It's a good enough place as any. I only feel that the OP deserve it because she should have been more aware that it was there and a pen doesn't feel like a tampon, (unless it's one of those oversized clown pens). :P

It's an honest mistake, really. I once accidentally pulled out my penis instead of a pen.

Fletcher: The pen is blue, the pen is blue, the goddamn penis blue!

Maybe she had no were else to put it did you ever think that......

oj101 33
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3-Yea I know nobody uses red ink to sign things.

maebelline12 12

That awkward moment when you realize you just did something embarrassing a second too late...I wonder how OP got themself out of this one

coolbrony12 3

....because people normally store used tampons in their pocket?

Actually, I went on a trip and a girl kept her used pads and tampons in her pillowcase because she didn't want people to know she was on her period. Not sure why but yeah.. Some people do o_o

The_F3rris 11

I hope she smelled those pads and such through the pillow case while she slept

Okay...just because every women keeps their used tampons in their pocket

Draxanoth 15

Did you ask him to sign in blood?

Werken247 14

If you're going to have then sign in blood, make sure it's their blood.

Unibear 1

46- Why their blood? Its not like she needs a blood sample from the guy..

DontClickOnMe 28

That would be extremely ridiculous if they didn't tip her just for that. OP made a small mistake.

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missababgaga 19

Took the words right out of my mouth!

Werken247 14

the words were apron and tampon, why would you have those in you mouth?

Well once a month, a girl has this thing called a "period" for 3-7 days. It is where she bleeds out of her ******, gets really moody, and everyone beware! She may yell at you for stuff you didn't do. This all depends on the lady though.

Draxanoth 15

Yes, because its totally sanitary to keep a used tampon in your pocket...

I apologize in advance for being so anal: *works just as well.

Why would a tampon be in you apron pocket. That would've just been totally awkward.